Most Stylish Men 2018

All names list

1. Aaron Paul American actor

2. Aaron Taylor-Johnson English actor

3. Adam Driver American actor

4. Adam Lambert US singer

5. Adam Levine American singer and song writer

6. AJ Gibson American actor and producer

7. Al Pacino US actor

8. Alan Cumming Scottish American actor, author, and activist

9. Alasdhair Willis British publisher

10. Alec Baldwin US actor

11. Alessandro Michele Gucci creative director

12. Alessandro Sartori de Berluti Italian designer

13. Alex Sharp British actor

14. Alvaro Cervantes Spanish actor

15. Andre Schwaemmlein CEO of MeinFernbus Flixbus - a bus service start-up

16. Andrea Bocelli Italian classical tenor, recording artist and singer-songwriter

17. Andrea Iervolino Italian film producer, businessman and entrepreneur

18. Andreas Ottensamer Austrian clarinetist

19. Andreas Sarow German Architect and gallery owner

20. Andrew Lincoln British actor

21. Andrzej Duda Polish President

22. Ansel Elgort American actor, music producer and DJ

23. Anton Corbijn Dutch photographer and film director

24. Antonio Banderas Spanish actor, director, and producer

25. Antonio Jaramillo Actor

26. Ardi Goldmann Real estate entrepreneur

27. Armie Hammer American actor

28. Arnold Schwarzenegger Former California governor and actor

29. Avi Avital Israeli mandolin player

30. Barack Obama US President

31. Ben Affleck US actor producer and director

32. Ben Lee Australian musician

33. Ben Stiller American actor, comedian, and filmmaker

34. Benedict Cumberbatch English actor and film producer

35. Bill Ford Ford Executive Chairman

36. Bill Murray US actor

37. Billy Bob Thornton American actor, filmmaker, singer-songwriter and drummer

38. Billy Boyd Scottish actor and singer

39. Black M French singer

40. Bobby Flay US chef

41. Boris Becker German former tennis player

42. Brad Goreski Celebrity fashion stylist and television personality

43. Brad Pitt American actor and producer

44. Bradley Cooper US actor

45. Bradley James British actor

46. Branford Marsalis US saxophonist

47. Brannon Braga US writer and producer

48. Bruce Willis US actors

49. Bruno Mars American singer, songwriter, record producer, voice actor and choreographer

50. Bryan Fuller US writer and producer

51. Bryshere Gray American rapper and actor

52. Calogero French singer

53. Calvin Harris British musician

54. Carlos Bardem Spanish actor

55. Casey Affleck American actor and film producer

56. Channing Tatum American actor, film producer, dancer, and model

57. Charlie Ebersol American television and film producer and director

58. Charlie Hunnam English actor and screenwriter

59. Chris Brown US musician with his daughter Royalty

60. Chris Evans American actor and director

61. Chris Hemsworth Australian actor

62. Chris Paul American professional basketball player

63. Chris Pine American actor

64. Chris Pratt American actor

65. Chris Rock US actor and comedian

66. Chris Soules US TV personality

67. Christian Bale British actor

68. Christophe Michalak French chef

69. Christopher Bailey Chief Creative and Chief executive officer of Burberry

70. Christopher McDonald US actor

71. Christopher Oram British costume designer

72. Christopher Walken American actor

73. Claudio Santamaria Italian actor

74. Clint Eastwood American film actor, director, producer, and composer

75. Colin Farrell Irish actor

76. Colin Firth British actor

77. Colin Morgan Actor from Northern Ireland

78. Colin O'Donoghue Irish actor and musician

79. Common American hip hop recording artist, actor, poet, and film producer

80. Conor McGregor Irish MMA fighter

81. Constantine Maroulis American actor and rock singer

82. Corey Mitchell US theatre teacher

83. Costa Ronin Australian actor

84. Cristiano Ronaldo Portuguese football player

85. Cuba Gooding Jr American actor

86. Damian Lewis English actor and producer

87. Daniel Bruehl German actor

88. Daniel Craig English actor

89. Daniel Day-Lewis English actor

90. Daniel Radcliffe English actor

91. Danny Meyer US restaurateur and CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group

92. Daren Criss an American actor, singer and songwriter

93. David Beckham English former professional footballer

94. David Gandy British model

95. David Garrett German violinist

96. David Harbour American actor

97. David Oyelowo British actor, producer, director, and writer

98. Denzel Washington US actor

99. Donald Glover American actor, writer, producer, director, comedian, rapper, singer, and songwriter

100. Donald Trump American business magnate, investor, author, television personality, and candidate for President of the United States in the 2016 presidential election

101. Donald Trump Jr. American businessman

102. Donnie Wahlberg American singer-songwriter, actor, record producer, and film producer.

103. Douglas Booth English actor

104. Dule Hill US actor

105. Dustin Hoffman American actor and director

106. Dwayne Johnson American and Canadian actor, producer and semi-retired professional wrestler (a.k.a The Rock)

107. Ed Harris American actor, producer, director, and screenwriter

108. Ed Sheeran British singer

109. Eddie Murphy US actor

110. Eddie Redmayne British actor

111. Edgar Ramírez a Venezuelan actor and former journalist

112. Emilio Rivera American film and television actor.

113. Eoin Christopher Macken Irish actor, film maker, author, and model

114. Eugenio Derbez Mexican actor

115. Evan Peters American actor

116. Ewan McGregor a Scottish actor

117. Felix Baumgartner Austrian skydiver

118. Finn Ross Englsih video designer

119. Forest Whitaker US actor

120. Francis Ford Coppola US filmmaker

121. Frank Gehry Canadian architect

122. Franky Gee Cuban US singer

123. Fred Savage American actor, director and producer

124. Friedrich Liechtenstein German musician

125. Gabriel Conte Latino American comedian, actor and Vine personality of Cuban/Colombian descent

126. Gary Barlow British singer from boy band Take That

127. Gary Cole American actor and voice artist

128. Gary Oldman British actor

129. Gene Hackman American actor and novelist

130. Geoffrey Arend American actor

131. George Clooney American actor, writer, producer, and director

132. Georgi Licovski Macedonian photographer, winner of the 'UNICEF Photo of the Year 2015'

133. Gerard Butler Scottish actor

134. Gianluca Vacchi Italian entrepreneur, financier and millionaire

135. Gilles Lellouche French actor

136. Graham Norton British television show host

137. Grant Gustin US actor

138. Gregg Sulkin English actor

139. Gregory Porter US jazz musician

140. Grigor Dimitrov Bulgarian professional tennis player

141. Guy Ritchie British director

142. Han Chong Founder of `Self-Portrait`

143. Hannibal Buress US comedian

144. Harrison Ford US actor

145. Harry Connick Jr US actor

146. Harry Styles English singer and songwriter, a member of the boy band One Direction

147. Heiko Maas German Justice Minister

148. Henry Cavill British actor

149. Henry Golding Malaysian actor, model and television host

150. Hugh Dancy English actor and model

151. Hugh Grant British actor

152. Hugh Jackman Australian actor, singer and producer

153. Hugh Laurie English actor, writer, director, musician, singer, comedian and author

154. Ian C. Read Chairman and CEO of American multinational pharmaceutical corporation Pfizer

155. Idris Elba British actor, musician and DJ

156. J D Pardo American actor

157. J.K. Simmons American actor

158. Jack Ma The founder and executive chairman of Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba Group

159. Jake Gyllenhaal US actor

160. James Bay English singer-songwriter and guitarist

161. James Franco US actor

162. James Monroe US actor

163. James Norton British actor

164. James Rodriguez Colombian soccer player

165. Jamie Cullum British singer

166. Jamie Dornan Irish actor

167. Jamie Oliver British chef

168. Jared Leto American actor, singer, songwriter, and director

169. Jason Derulo US singer

170. Jason Mitchell US actor and cast member

171. Jason Priestley Canadian actor and director

172. Jay Pharoah American actor, stand-up comedian, impressionist, rapper, and voice actor

173. Jay Z American rapper, record producer, and entrepreneur

174. Jayden Smith US actor

175. Jeff Bezos The founder and CEO of

176. Jeff Bridges American actor, singer and producer

177. Jeff Daniels US actor

178. Jeff Goldblum US actor

179. Jeff Raider Co-founder and co-CEO of Harrys - an online supplier of razors

180. Jenson Button British Formula One driver

181. Jeremy Renner US actor and cast member

182. Jerramy Stevens Former American football tight end

183. Jim Parsons US actor

184. Jimmy Fallon American comedian, television host, actor, singer, writer and producer

185. Joe Manganiello US actor

186. Joel Basman Swiss Actor

187. Johannes B. Kerner German TV personality and sportscaster

188. John C. Reilly US actor

189. John Cusack US actor

190. John Legend American singer, songwriter and actor

191. John Malkovich American actor and director

192. John Ortiz US actor and cast member

193. John Ridley American screenwriter, film director, novelist, and showrunner

194. John Travolta American actor, dancer, and singer

195. Johnny Depp American actor, producer, and musician

196. Jonas Kaufmann German tenor

197. Jordan Barrett Australian model

198. Josh Groban US singer

199. Joshua Jackson Canadian US actor

200. Juan Antonio Bayona Spanish director

201. Juan Manuel Bernal Mexican actor

202. Judd Apatow Producer

203. Jude Law British actor

204. Julian Edelman American footballer

205. Julian McMahon Australian actor and model

206. Justin Bieber

207. Justin Theroux US actor

208. Justin Timberlake American singer, songwriter, actor, and record producer

209. Justin Trudeau Canadian Prime Minister

210. Karl Lagerfeld German fashion designer

211. Keanu Reeves Canadian actor, producer, director and musician

212. Keith Stanfield American actor and rapper

213. Keith Urban New Zealand born Australian country music singer and songwriter

214. Kel Mitchell American actor, comedian, dancer, musician, screenwriter, director, producer, and rapper

215. Kellan Lutz American model and actor

216. Kelvin Yu a Taiwanese American actor

217. Ken Watanabe Japanese actor

218. Kevin Bacon US actor

219. Kevin Connolly US actor/cast member

220. Kevin Costner American actor, film director and producer

221. Kevin Hart US actor

222. Kevin Spacey US actor

223. Kiefer Sutherland British-born Canadian actor

224. Kim Tae Woo South Korean singer, member of the boy group GOD

225. King Felipe VI Spanish King

226. King Philippe of Belgium King of Belgium

227. Kit Harington an English actor and producer

228. Kumail Nanjiani Pakistani-American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, and podcast host.

229. Lapo Elkann Italian businessman, who won the 2015 GQ award to International Man of the Year

230. Laurence Fishburne American actor, playwright, director and producer

231. Lawrence Zarian Television style consultant and red carpet guru

232. Leonardo DiCaprio American actor and film producer

233. Lewis Hamilton British Formula One driver

234. Liam Neeson Irish actor

235. Liev Schreiber American actor, producer, director and screenwriter

236. Lionel Messi Argentine professional footballer

237. Lionel Richie US singer

238. Ludacris American rapper and actor

239. Luke Evans British actor

240. Mads Mikkelsen Danish actor

241. Manolo Blahnik Spanish designer

242. Marc Anthony American singer, songwriter, actor and producer

243. Marco Mengoni Italian singer

244. Mario Testino Peruvian photographer

245. Marius Mueller Westernhagen German singer

246. Mark Fields President and CEO of Ford Motor Company

247. Mark Moses American actor

248. Mark Ronson British musician

249. Mark Ruffalo American actor, director, humanitarian and producer

250. Mark Wahlberg American actor, producer, businessman, and former model and rapper

251. Mark Zuckerberg Facebook co-founder

252. Marlon Roudette British musician

253. Martin McDonagh a British and Irish playwright, screenwriter, and director

254. Martin Sheen US actor

255. Mason Vale Cotton American child actor

256. Massimo Ferrero Owner of the Italian association football club Sampdoria

257. Matt Bomer American actor

258. Matt Damon US actor

259. Matt LeBlanc American actor, comedian, and producer

260. Matt Smith an English actor

261. Matthew McConaughey American actor and producer

262. Matthew Morrison US actor

263. Maurice Steger Swiss flutist

264. Mel Gibson US actor

265. Michael B. Jordan US actor

266. Michael Douglas American actor and producer

267. Michael Fassbender German Irish actor

268. Michael Keaton American actor, producer and director

269. Michael Kelly American actor

270. Michael Shannon American actor and musician

271. Michael Willett American actor and musician

272. Michel Thetaz IAM Cycling team founder and owner

273. Mickey Rourke American actor and screenwriter

274. Miguel Bose Spanish actor and singer

275. Miguel Gomez an actor and a former hip hop artist

276. Milo Ventimiglia US actor

277. Morgan Freeman US actor and narrator

278. Nat Wolff US actor

279. Neil deGrasse Tyson US astrophysicist cosmologist author and science communicator

280. Neil Patrick Harris American actor, producer, singer, comedian, magician, and television host

281. Nemanja Radulovic Serbian violinist

282. Niall Horan Irish singer-songwriter and guitarist

283. Nick Cannon American rapper, actor, comedian, television and radio host, and producer

284. Nick Grimshaw British television and radio presenter

285. Nick Jonas US singer

286. Nico Rosberg German Formula One driver

287. Nicolas Cage American actor and producer

288. Nikolaj Coster Waldau Danish actor producer and screenwriter

289. Nils Frahm German composer

290. Noah Wyle US actor

291. Novak Djokovic Serbian tennis player

292. Oliver Cheshire British model

293. Oliver Windholz CEO of pharmaceutical wholesaler Phoenix group

294. Orlando Bloom British actor

295. Oscar Pistorius South African Olympic and Paralympic athlete

296. Pablo Isla Spanish fashion retailer Inditex group's Chairman and CEO

297. Pascal Brenneisen President of the global healthcare company Novartis Group

298. Pat Quinn Co-founder of the ALS ice bucket challenge

299. Patrick Osborne Animator and film director

300. Paul Rudd US actor

301. Peter Dinklage American actor

302. Peter Facinelli American actor and producer

303. Pharrell Williams American singer, songwriter, rapper, record producer and fashion designer

304. Philip Winchester American actor

305. Pierce Brosnan Irish actor, film producer, and activist

306. Pierre Lescure Cannes Festival President

307. Piers Gregory The Terrorism Underwriting Manager of the ACE European Group

308. Prince Charles Britain's Prince, Prince of Wales

309. Prince Harry Britain's Prince, Prince of Wales

310. Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe German Journalist and TV-Presenter, son of His Highness Prince Waldemar Schaumburg-Lippe of Germany & H.H. Journalist Dr. Princess Antonia

311. Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh, husband of Queen Elizabeth II

312. Prince William Britain's prince, Duke of Cambridge

313. Quentin Tarantino US director

314. Quique Dacosta Spanish chef

315. Rafael Nadal Spanish professional tennis player

316. Ralph Fiennes English actor

317. Ray Liotta US actor

318. Raza Jaffrey British actor and singer

319. Redfoo US recording artist

320. Reed Hastings Co-founder and CEO of Netflix

321. Richard Armitage British actor

322. Richard Blais American chef reality show contestant restaurateur

323. Richard Gere American actor and activist

324. Richard Thomas US actor

325. Robbie Williams English singer, songwriter and actor

326. Robert De Niro American actor and producer

327. Robert Downey Jr Actor

328. Robert Duvall US actor

329. Robert Pattinson English actor

330. Roger Federer Swiss professional tennis player

331. Rolando Villazon Mexican tenor and host

332. Rolf Habben Jansen CEO of Hapag-Lloyd - one of the largest container shipping lines in the world

333. Rupert Grint English actor

334. Russell Crowe New Zealand actor

335. Russell Tovey British actor

336. Ryan Gosling Canadian actor

337. Ryan Reynolds Canadian actor

338. Ryan Seacrest an American radio personality, television host, and producer

339. Sam Smith British singer

340. Samuel L. Jackson US actor

341. Santiago Cabrera Chilean actor

342. Scott Caan American actor

343. Sean Hayes an American actor, comedian, and producer

344. Sean O`Donnell Actor and producer

345. Sean Penn American actor, film director, and political activist

346. Sebastian Stan Romanian American actor

347. Seo In Guk South Korean singer and actor

348. Seth Gabel US actor

349. Shia LaBeouf US actor

350. Sir Anthony Hopkins Welsh actor

351. Sir Ben Kingsley British actor

352. Sir Cliff Richard British musician

353. Sir Michael Caine British actor

354. Sir Mick Jagger English singer and songwriter

355. Sir Richard Branson English businessman and investor, founder of Virgin Group

356. Sir Sean Connery Scottish actor

357. Skylar Astin US actor

358. Stephan Winkelmann Lamborghini CEO

359. Stephen Emmott British scientist

360. Stephen Schwarzman Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder of The Blackstone Group

361. Sterling K. Brown an American actor

362. Sting English singer

363. Sway US rapper and presenter

364. Sylvester Stallone American actor, screenwriter and film director

365. Taye Diggs US actor

366. Taylor Hackford US film director

367. Terry J. Lundgren Macy's CEO

368. The One South Korean singer

369. Theodosii Theodosiev Bulgarian physicist and Man of the Year 2014

370. Todrick Hall American singer and actor

371. Tom Cruise American actor and filmmaker

372. Tom Ford US fashion designer

373. Tom Hanks American actor and filmmaker

374. Tom Hardy British actor

375. Tom Hiddleston English actor

376. Tom Jones Welsh singer

377. Tommy Flanagan Scottish film and television actor

378. Tommy Hilfiger US fashion designer

379. Tommy Lee Jones US actor

380. Tony Hale US actor

381. Tracy Morgan American actor and comedian

382. Veselin Topalov Bulgarian chess grandmaster

383. Victor Cruz US football player Victor Cruz and his girlfriend Elaina Watley attend the Spring/Summer 2015 menswear presentation of Calvin Klein Collection during the Milan Men`s Fashion Week, in Milan, Italy, 22

384. Viggo Mortensen Danish-US actor

385. Vladimir Putin Russian President

386. Warren Littlefield US producer of Fargo

387. Will Brittain US actor/cast member

388. Will Smith American actor, producer, rapper, and songwriter

389. Willem Dafoe US actor

390. William H. Macy American actor, screenwriter, teacher, and theater director

391. Wladimir Klitschko Ukrainian boxer

392. Woody Harrelson US actor

393. Yan Yalun Taiwanese singer and actor

394. Yeo Jin Goo South Korean actor

395. Zac Efron US actor

396. Zac Posen US fashion designer

397. Zach Gilford US actor

398. Zachary Levi American actor director and singer

399. Zachary Quinto American actor and film producer

400. Zinedine Zidane French former soccer player and coach of Real Madrid Castilla