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Most Stylish Men

Most Stylish Men contest is held monthly. Stylish men from around the world are selected so that you vote for your favourites.

We want to know who has impressed you the most in terms of their style - that's why we have made a selection of stylish men - actors, musicians, scientists, athletes, politicians, etc. and we want your opinion about their style. We will ask you to vote every month and in the beginning of the next month we will select the top winners, which are not only stylish, but they are a pattern of behavior for young people. Vote for those who have:

- modern and original style
- flawless culture
- professional achievements

Along with the readers' voting we will ask a jury of fashion professionals to vote for their favourites.

Every visitor of Be Global Fashion Network can vote only once for one person for a certain period of time, which is not mentioned to prevent frauds. If you are a real supporter of a celebrity, check regularly the voting results and support it with comments, sharing, etc. See the full list of stylish men you can vote for. If you have more than one favourites you can vote once for each of them. Voting is restricted by IP address.

From July 2018 the fields Name and E-mail are required in order to vote. When you confirm your vote by email, your vote will be counted twice. This is in order to be sure that there is a real person behind each vote. You will also be able to vote for your favourite every 48 hours.

The top 5 Most Stylish Men will be selected by the number of votes for them every month.

Every month voting will start again and new stylish men will be added in the contest. In December we offer for voting only the top 5 winners from each month and at the end of the month we announce the winners for the year.

You can send your suggestions for popular stylish people to be added to the contest at Please, if possible also send their photos.

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