What To Wear For An Evening Out With The Girls At Bingo

Twenty years ago the thought of anyone below state pension age going to the bingo would have seemed bizarre. In 2022, thanks to the success of UK bingo websites, the game has undergone somewhat of a renaissance because of modernisation.

There are millions more registered bingo players in the country than there were just two decades ago, and it’s not just online companies that are benefitting from the game’s resurgence.

Land-based bingo halls and events are thriving, with tens of thousands of young players passing through their doors on a weekly basis.

If you’ve just recently caught the ‘bingo bug’ or are just looking for a good excuse to meet up with the girlies and enjoy a night out, then an evening at the bingo could be right up your street.

Below are a list of outfit suggestions for almost every bingo night out imaginable. If you have any fashion tips or bits of advice you’d like to share, be sure to let us know about them in the comments section at the very bottom of this article.

Charity Bingo
Bingo is thought to have originated in Italy, before making its way northwards across Europe and finally into the UK. During the first century of its adoption in this country, bingo was used almost exclusively as a way to raise money for charity.

This was due to the game’s popularity, its easy implementation and the fact that gambling on it and other similar games was outlawed at the time. It wasn’t until the 1960s that we began to see bingo as a game that was played for profit.

Despite this, it’s not uncommon to see bingo played at modern, charitable events. If you’re heading to one such event, it’s a good idea to check the dress code for the evening. In the absence of one, try and go for something smart casual.

The type of outfit that could reasonably be seen to be ‘well-dressed’ but isn’t too flashy as to make you look out of place – even if everyone turns up in casual gear, you can just pretend you’re fresh out of work anyway!

Chain Bingo
If you’re heading out to play bingo at one of the UK’s thousands of chain bingo halls, you do not want to bring out the stilettos. Despite modernising in recent years, these venues are still well-known for being incredibly casual and laid-back.

It’s not strange to see someone dabbing their card at a Mecca Bingo wearing white trainers, leggings and a gym top. If you’re going during the day, go for an outfit that’s comfortable and casual. If you’re visiting during the evening for a few drinks pick out an outfit that you would wear down to your local pub – nothing flashy but nothing too casual either (no leggings!)

(Your local bingo hall will have come on a little since this episode of That Peter Kay Thing came out, but don’t expect the punters dress sense to have improved too much!)
Event Bingo

Remember at the beginning of the article how we talked about bingo modernising? Well the best example of just that is how bingo has gone from being something enjoyed in a dusty bingo hall to a major event in the social calendar.
How has this happened? Through things like Bongo’s Bingo and Drag Bingo. The former is an event that tours throughout the UK, describing itself as the ‘definitive bingo experience’.
If you head to one of these events expect a night to remember with traditional bingo, dance-offs, rave intervals and a list of crazy prizes that include Henry Hoovers, Mobility Scooters and inflatable unicorns.

(Take a look at what to expect form a night at Bongo’s Bingo.)

The latter, Drag Bingo, sees the evening’s entertainment hosted by a comedic Drag Queen, who will give you a night to remember. What should you wear though if you’re heading down to a Bongo’s Bingo or Drag Bingo evening?
Well, you can either opt for something eye-catching and dazzling that will make you the centre of attention or you can go for a really quirky outfit that will match the atmosphere. Whatever you opt for, you won’t look out of place.
There will be people there dressed up for a night out on the tiles, others who are just in jeans and a t-shirt and then those in outrageous, fancy dress.

There really are no dress codes when it comes to an evening out at the bingo. The only thing that could see you getting caught out is if you go down to your local bingo hall on a Tuesday night dressed to impress.
Walking in past the regulars in their tracksuit bottoms and the pensioners on their scooters, you’ll certainly turn heads, but for all the wrong reasons. Even though we think that you should only wear tracksuit bottoms if you’re playing online, the locals at your chain bingo hall don’t seem to agree with that perspective.

Whatever you choose to wear though, make sure you coordinate with your friends. Even if you all end up going somewhere overdressed or even underdressed, there’s safety in numbers. Just remember though, if you go for something outrageous at a Drag Bingo event, don’t be surprised if the host picks you out for ridicule!

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