How to Complete a Concrete Cut for an Egress Window

There are several important steps and considerations involved in basement window cutting to ensure safety, structural integrity, and compliance with building codes. 

Steps of a Basement Window Cutting Process

Steps of a Basement Window Cutting Process

Let’s have a look at the basement windows cutting steps. You may improve the amount of light and ventilation in your basement by cutting a new window in the wall with these easy-to-follow instructions. 

Before you start:

- verify local codes, and confirm the relevant permissions along with local building codes.

- Select the site. When choosing a window position, take into account both external and internal elements.

- Invite a professional to measure the window's size and draw the outline on the wall.

Preparing the Site

- Clear the interior. To prevent dust and debris from getting to adjacent furniture and flooring, remove any obstacles and cover them.

- To safeguard the exterior, place plywood or tarps up to collect trash and shield the landscaping.

Leaving the Concrete Cutting to the Pros

- Hire window cut professionals to do the job.

- Drilling pilot holes. To make a guide, professionals drill holes at the corners of the indicated outline from the inside out.

- Using a saw. Pros make cuts along the designated outline with a concrete saw or a reciprocating saw fitted with a masonry blade. It can take several passes to fully chop through the wall.

Hiring a Window Installer

- Installing the window. Window installers make sure the window fits snugly into the framed opening.

- Seal and Insulation. To stop water from seeping in, installers apply a waterproof sealer to the edges. When necessary, installers add insulation to increase energy efficiency.

Post Installation Work

Interior finishing. Paint, trim, and hang drywall to blend in with the current interior design.

Outer finishing. To defend against the weather, patch up the outer wall and add waterproofing or flashing.

Inspection and cleaning. Clean the area, and make sure the worksite is tidy and free of debris.

Final inspection. Verify the window installation's structural integrity, fit, and sealing.

Check for leaks. Inspect the window for any leaks of water, particularly in the early part of the rainy season.

Verify the correct operation of the window.  Make sure that the locks and other security features work properly, and that the window opens and closes smoothly.

The Cost to Cut Concrete Wall for an Egress Window

Cutting the concrete wall to make room for an egress window can cost anywhere from $2000 to $3000.

Factors Influencing Price:

1. Wall thickness and material. Walls that are thicker or composed of reinforced concrete will cost more to cut and therefore be more difficult.

2. Size of window. Larger windows may need more structural alterations and more trimming.

3. Location. Depending on where you live and how much labour and materials cost locally, prices can change dramatically.

4. Labor. Because of the complexity and possible structural ramifications, it is imperative to hire a specialist. Based on area and level of experience, labour expenses can change.

5. Inspections and permits. These may be required, which would raise the price.

Where to Order Basement Window Cutting in Toronto and the GTA

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