Types of Themed Slot Machines

Fruit and slot machines from the past tended to be simple affairs with standard symbols like chimes and fruits. Themes and narratives were added to the machines as they progressed over time to enhance gameplay and pleasure. With the advent of 3D graphics visuals, actual cinematography, and digital audio, today's online casino slots really defy all expectations. Among today's online casinos, there are a wide variety of games to choose from, and there is a game out there for every style of player. A game's concept can be a major factor in a player's decision-making process, although some prefer to select a campaign based on its features or jackpots. Many game designers have jumped on this opportunity, and now you can buy the rights to games based on your favorite TV shows, comic books, movies, bands and even historical figures like Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe! Here are just a few examples of the many different kinds of themes which have been utilized in online slots throughout the years.

Themed Slots - TV Shows

Even classic TV shows like South Park, Marvel and Game of Thrones have been given the slot machine approach by game creators. This isn't the first time these games have included show-themed visuals and graphics. I would advise against playing games with themes you dislike because it might be tedious to view video or graphics of a subject you're not interested in. Since there are several different games to choose from, everyone can find something they like. Luckily.

Movies Themed Slot Machines

The movie industry is huge, and that incorporates the gambling industry. Successful titles like Spiderman have already inspired sequels, while iconic titles like the Ghostbusters and Jurassic Park have been also adapted into slot games. As games have gotten more complicated, IGT has been fast to build games based on movies. Several online casinos such as Slot Boss Games, incorporate symbols and music in their themed slot machines that reflect the game's subject matter, but now they contain real-world video footage and 3D animations. Whenever a bonus round is activated, the player is rewarded with a piece of movie footage or an action sequence from your favorite film.

Themed Slots - Musicians and Bands

Many of the most prominent bands were used as a concept for slot machines in the past. Having a game centered on the likes of Guns N' Roses, Jason Derulo, Kiss and Elvis Presley is a real treat for music enthusiasts. A recognizable guitar riff plays each time the reels in the Kiss video slots spin, and extra music is played when hitting combos are hit, for instance. During the bonus round, you'll hear one of the band's songs played in its entirety, as well as a clip from their live performance. Toward the conclusion of the bonus gameplay, there is a lot of additional concert video, which serves as an excellent example about how a slot game can be designed to be more enjoyable through its theme.

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