Which age group prefers video slots?

There are a lot of stereotypes around every kind of casino game player. For example, the poker player is a cool and collected gamer who keeps a relaxed head on and can psychoanalyse their opponents, the blackjack player is just thinking numbers and cards constantly, and the slots player is the casual older person who likes a punt on the odds every so often.

Video slots

When it comes to online casinos, however, these stereotypes are broken down because anyone can play from anywhere – so long as they are over 18 – and nobody is able to see the meaning that the person behind the screen could not be who you expect.

Because of this, free spins on registration no deposit online slots have meant that the target age demographic is a bit scrambled. Where older people may have preferred the real physical slot machine, it is harder to tell which age group prefers video slots.

What are the Main Stereotypes of which Age Groups Prefers to Play Video Slots?

We do not like to put people in boxes and say that they have to stick to what they are defined as, but for the sake of argument we have to analyse what age groups prefer to play video slots and what the stereotypes of other age groups and their relations to video slots are:

1.   Classic Slots – The real-life in-person slot machine is traditionally donned by the older player. Perhaps they were once in the poker game but have now retired to the simplicity of the slot machine. It is often deemed that just older players prefer real slot machines.

2.   Online Video Slots – This is where things get a little more complicated because the age groups playing video slots are harder to actually see. People still believe that older age groups like video slots, but the internet aspect lends itself to being preferred by slightly younger age groups!

3.  Themed Slots – The fantastic new themes of online slot games can vary and it means that there is usually a game for every kind of player. An igamer in an older age group may prefer the themed video slots that hark back to Pac-Man and Asteroids whereas the young player may be more interested in the Marvel-themed video slots.

If there is one thing that we have learned it is that you do not have to be embarrassed about video slots and you should play them whatever age group you are in.

The Facts: Which Age Group Prefers to Play Video Slots?

We know you, and you like to have solid answers. This is why we have the statistics and facts on which age groups prefer to play video slots the most!

- If you are falling in the age bracket of 35-44, then the maths have deduced that you are most likely to play online video slots!

- The casino gamers aged between 18 and 24 tend to lay off the video slots and play other kinds of casino games.

- Surprisingly, over 64s are not too keen on the video slot either… intriguing!

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