The Ultimate Guide to become a Fashion Blogger

In case you're hoping to begin a fashion blog the correct way, you're in the perfect spot! It's very simple, as long as you have the correct tools, great content and the aspiration to work for it.
This is an ultimate guide that is going to walk you through everything that you have to think about while making a design blog.

Fashion blog

The Ultimate Guide To Start A Fashion Blog

Before you hop into blogging and making content, there's a couple of things that you should be clear about.

Your Vision & Your interest

The initial step is to get imaginative and make a vision for your blog. What would you like to be known for?
You can begin broad or decide to go very particular. If you want to become a fashion blogger, you can decide to incorporate beauty surveys and lifestyle reviews OR you could decide to niche down and just write on a specific theme, like designer purses, for instance. A pro tip, make a Youtube channel along with your blog, Youtube is the best and most interacted social media platform. All you just need to do is make a channel and promote it on your other social media handles and don’t worry about the views and comments on your videos. You can simply buy youtube views and comments on your videos, check out this post on

A good advice is to begin broad and niche down once you recognize what your crowd loves the most (when you have a well-established blog!).

Your Blog Name

Next, you need to think of a couple of name choices for your blog.
There are a lot of bloggers with apparently random blog names, such as Chasing Foxes and Just A Girl And Her Blog, yet, guess what? It doesn't make a difference! Both of them make well over $10,000 every month from blogging! Get inspired from some of the best Indian fashion bloggers, it can help you a lot to learn from them aswell.

Come up with a couple of name options for your blog that are to some degree related with your niche. It could also be your real name.

I would recommend thinking of a name for a few days, and afterward simply staying with the most ideal option. It's smarter to begin now and have a blog that is fully operational, than it is to have a blog in 3 months from now. You can generally change the name of your blog later if you come up something better!

Think about why are you starting a blog

Thinking why you want to open a fashion blog may not feel like the most crucial thing right now, but it’s actually really significant.
Some reasons of why may include….

- Maybe you want to earn a little bit of additional cash on the side.

- Get free clothes and cosmetics.

- You need an outlet. Blogging is an wonderful way to get some psychological relief.

- Become a little bit internet prominent. You never know which openings it can lead to!

- Be your OWN BOSS. Having FREEDOM is a major advantage of blogging.

There are many reasons why you might want to begin a blog, but it’s vital that you know what your motive is.
This is because building an effective and lucrative blog will not happen immediately: there will be times when you want to stop and you will need do a lot of hard work.
At the end of it, I guarantee it will all be justified! But now, just know that knowing why you need to begin a blog is essential.

Choose a blogging platform

Since you have your vision, your name and your "why" set up, we should enlist your domain.
A content management system (CMS) controls how your blog looks and what it does. CMSs normally save you the difficulty of learning complex programming or design. Since you're searching for a framework that will likewise permit you to add and deal with the content of your blog, your selection of CMS comes down to a couple of choices, for example, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.
A CMS makes working with blogs, just as websites, much simpler. Furthermore, since it's very adjustable, there's no restriction to imagination and utility. You can utilize free blogging sites like WordPress or you can use a few paid ones or make your own site.
Be that as it may, is the main CMS as far as trust and fame and has a few million clients around the world. What's more, since you're simply beginning, I'd be better for you to begin blogging for free here. After that you can upgrade to premium or make your own site.

Find the perfect theme

With your blog ready for action, you've just made the important first strides.
Next, you need to begin contemplating colors of your blog and branding. If need be, look at a few websites and see what you're generally drawn into.
As referenced previously, WordPress allocated a default theme with installation. Your default WordPress additionally has some example pages and test posts which you'll need to erase before pushing ahead.

WordPress' own store contains in excess of 2,000 topics. More themes are available from different websites at Premium.
You need your blog to look extraordinary. You likewise need to ensure it works easily. Remember that not all themes will be perfect with all the features you need. Think about your needs, presently and later on, and choose a theme that meets them.

Identify the best plugins

Plugins are a significant piece of the WordPress experience. They fill various needs, but they have one thing in common: they make your blog look and perform better! Whether they include another component (e.g. captions for your posts, or social buttons on your photos), or a new use (e.g. a contact form), or just make your blog, they all work together to improve the manner in which your fashion blog looks and works.

Now that you know everything you need in order to start a fashion blog effectively, let your imagination run wild and create good and relevant content for it. Go wild!

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