Who Is a Fashion Journalist, and How to Become One

A lot of people dream to get into the world of fashion and style: Communicate with designers, work with glossy magazines, receive invitations to fashion shows, go to interesting places, meet stylish and fashionable people. But how to achieve all this, especially if you live in a small town, where the fashion world is not so developed?

Two rather new and unusual professions in fashion - fashion blogger and fashion journalist - allow you to achieve all this. We want to tell you more about what these professions are, what salaries fashion bloggers and fashion journalists receive, what prospects there are, and how you personally can become a fashion blogger or fashion journalist.

Fashion-journalist is a profession that appeared quite a long time ago. These are people who work in glossy magazines, fashion media, both online and in print, on fashion channels and in programs dedicated to fashion, style and how to dress properly. Many fashion journalists start their careers in PR offices of designer brands and design brands, and also continue to work and cooperate with these fashion designers when they create advertising and text materials for them. Let's say that a fashion journalist is someone who has a good understanding of fashion and style and is able to convey this information to the reader through the text.

Fashion journalist

How much do fashion bloggers and fashion journalists get for their work?

Fashion-journalist can work in 2 areas:

  1. Fashion-journalist can work freelance and choose publications with whom he cooperates.
  2. Fashion journalist can work on a permanent basis in the staff of a glossy magazine, designer brand or in any PR press service.

If a journalist also speaks English, he may well cooperate freelance in a bilingual publication, especially since the English language editions pay much higher fees to journalists for their articles.

For example, in Europe and America, a journalist gets 50 to 250 euros for a fashion article in a fashion magazine if the journalist is unknown. If he is a well-known journalist, the fee for one article can reach 2-5 thousand euros.

The salary of a fashion journalist may vary, it all depends on how interesting and unique material he found, how well he understands fashion, how responsibly performs his work and, of course, how often he writes articles.

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Where can a fashion blogger or fashion journalist work?

Fashion-journalist can work in different spheres. This is not only writing texts for any online or print publication.

The journalist can work as a PR employee, as a fashion editor.
He can work as an employee of a certain department of a glossy magazine, be responsible for accessories, cosmetics, etc., work in the press office of a designer.

Who can become a fashion blogger and fashion journalist?

The most important thing for a fashion blogger and a fashion journalist is love for the world of fashion and style, understanding and good knowledge of fashion and stylistics. Without it, a fashion journalist and a fashion blogger will never be successful.

From the point of view of whether a fashion blogger and fashion journalist need a good command of text, punctuation, spelling, etc., all this is certainly important, but not key.

In this case, you just need to like to write, like to communicate.

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