5 Things You Should Know About Your Hands

Everyone wants to keep their hands looking great. Some things that people do to make their hands look good is effective, but other efforts to beautify can actually cause some harm. In addition, there are some important facets to hand care that often go overlooked. Here are 5 things to know about taking care of your hands.


1. It’s Essential to Keep Your Hands Hydrated all Day

Hands tend to dry out much faster than other parts of your body. This is because they get washed the most frequently, and a lot of soaps can be somewhat abrasive. In addition, your hands are continually touching things, including your own clothes. Their natural oils will get spread around and depleted quickly. Many women complain that their hands make them look older than they really are, or the skin on their hands don’t hold up as well as other skin as they age. Moisturizing frequently can help to combat the appearance of aging. Moreover, it will help your skin stay hydrated and healthy during times when you’re working a lot with your hands and when they’re exposed to wind or cold weather.

2. Sunscreen is Must-Have for Hands

If you use a moisturizer on your face, it likely has an SPF equal to at least 15. In contrast, if you’re using a moisturizer on your hands, you’ll likely find that it doesn’t have any type of sunscreen protection. When you’ll be outdoors for any period of time that ‘s more than 15 minutes, you should have sunscreen on everywhere, particularly your hands. Along with your face, your hands are among the parts of your body that will receive the most exposure to the sun and are most likely to sustain skin damage over time. You should protect your skin from harmful rays with a sunscreen containing 30 SPF. 

3. Your Jewelry Can Discolor Your Skin

Rings and bracelets that are made of silver or copper instead of real gold can have the surprising effect of turning skin grey or even green. When you’re buying jewelry for yourself or someone else, you should try to get a product made of gold. Typically, most better quality items that appear to be silver are really made of white gold. You may be wondering what is white gold made of because it’s white and not gold in color. Typically, white gold is real gold, but it has another component such as palladium, nickel, or a low level of silver that isn’t substantial enough to harm your skin or cause any type of discoloration.

4. You Can Prevent Your Nails From Becoming Brittle

If your nails are dry and cracking, it may be indicative of a nutritional imbalance. As people get older, the appearance of some vertical lines on the nail are natural. Horizontal lines or nails that easily break or split may be attributable to deficiencies in vitamin D, iron, magnesium, omega-3 acids, and protein. Adding a multivitamin supplement can help to enhance your nails’ appearance and taking a separate biotin supplement can help your nails stay looking healthy and hydrated.

5. It’s Okay to Skip the Nail Salon

In Western culture, long artificial nails first became popular as a status symbol that someone was a member of the aristocracy and did not need to use her hands for working, cooking, or even practicing basic self-care such as buttoning her clothes. In the modern world, however, everyone needs to use their hands as comfortably and competently as possible. If you think that you need to have acrylic or gel material on your nails to look well put together, you may want to consider abandoning this outdated practice. The chemicals used in artificial nails will damage your nails over time, and the UV lighting used in the machines that manicurists use to dry nails are dangerous for your skin. Your hands will look far better with your natural nails, and your hands will feel more comfortable. Most fine motor activities such as typing will feel easier and more natural.

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