Health Benefits Associated With Wearing Silver Jewelry

Of all metals that are contained in the periodic table, silver is considered to have the highest thermal conductivity, reflectivity and electrical conductivity. Its white and lustrous look makes it an ideal raw material for producing all forms of jewelry.

Silver jewelry

This includes silver rings, silver chains, silver watches, anklets, silver bangles for women and men, and plenty more besides. It is also worthwhile to note that wearing silver jewelry has a lot of health benefits. But many do not go after silver for its health benefits but rather for its looks, and the fact that it is very trendy in the fashion industry.

Many people out there are not aware of the health benefits associated with silver jewelry, and it is for that reason that this discussion will look at these benefits as well as the history behind the use of silver.

A brief history of the use of silver

The use of silver as an anti-bacterial agent can be traced back to the Roman and Greek civilizations. This was way before western health professionals began using it as an antibiotic or an antiseptic. Due to these properties, silver was used as a storage agent for both food and wine.

The medicinal properties of silver began being utilized in the late 1800s, and majorly, it was used to chemically form compounds such as Silver Nitrate is used to treat wounds and any other infectious ailments.

So what are the health benefits associated with wearing silver jewelry

Blocks electromagnetic radiation

The use of electric devices such as laptops exposes you to electromagnetic emissions that these devices emit, and silver jewelry helps you protect yourself. Silver has properties that interact with the skin’s natural conductivity. This in turn, enables your body to improve blood circulation, be safe from electrical disturbances, build the immune system, and maintain body temperature balance.

Highlights toxicity

Silver has chemical properties that enable it to change color when exposed to toxic substances. Silver will turn to different colors depending on the level of toxicity present. This is one of the easiest and natural ways to spot poisonous substances and thus help us to avoid these materials.

Fighting infection

From time immemorial, silver has been implemented as a sterile component and also in the making of antibiotics. Wearing silver jewelry is known to battle infection and thus prevent flu and colds. Silver also helps increase the elasticity of blood vessels. This helps in quick bone formation and also healing from wounds and bruises.

Making of sterile equipment                          

Rather than always having to wear silver jewelry, you can opt to use other silver crafted materials to protect yourself from infections such as silver-coated gloves to protect you against electromagnetic pulses emitted by electronic devices.

Battling anxiety

There are certain types of metallic jewelry that can be used to reduce stress; this includes silver. There is a category of jewelry known as `worry jewelry’ that have a spinning outer layer and help combat anxiety through the repetitive spinning movements.

Individuals battling anxiety can spin this jewelry in public when they have anxiety attacks. Puzzle jewelry is also another solution to stress, and once an individual gets used to them, it can be very therapeutic for them.

Battling arthritis

Widespread research has proven that individuals who suffer from pains at the joints of their fingers are advised to wear silver jewelry. These silver jewelry helps to negate the anxiety that is brought about by arthritis.

This rings also help negate hypertension and disrupt the possibility of developing chronic conditions.

To sum it all up, we have seen that there are numerous health benefits associated with wearing silver jewelry. Whether you are party to the benefits of wearing silver or not. Indeed silver jewelry makes people happy when they are wearing them and help to add casualness to a man’s dressing and to highlight the beauty of women as well.

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