ROICA unveils the next level of responsible innovation at Premiere Vision

So far, ROICA™ the very first sustainable premium stretch fibre has become a global success in the market reaching in the end consumer’s wardrobe. At Première Vision, the company by leading material innovator Asahi Kasei takes place at the Smart Creation Area, the fair’s epicentre of sustainability. On show in Paris premium collaborations for the wardrobe of tomorrow starting from G-Star Raw cutting-edge smart jeans and Licia Florio’s soft sports apparel as well as the very next level of responsible innovation.

ROICA unveils the next level of responsible innovation at Premiere Vision

“A true pioneer cannot only be the first one of the leading one. It must commit to raise the bar.” Says Shinohe Hiroaki, ROICA™ Chief Marketing Officer based in Germany. “That’s why we are working to evolve and empower the smart yarns of the certified ROICA EcoSmart™ family with additional performances.”
- The new Global Recycled Standard -GRS- certified ROICA™ EF: the fibre is made with 58% of pre-consumer recycled content and innovates with excellent dyeability. The GRS certification provides its sustainable mission with a certification by the influential Textile Exchange, one of the most known and recognized global organizations in the market.
- The Cradle to Cradle-certified Material Health Gold Level ROICA™ V550 yarn allows excellent and durable printability with relevant circular economy advantages, indeed, it proudly breaks down without releasing harmful substance under the testing environment according to Hohenstein Environmental Compatibility certification.
“The next level of innovation is to inject new features. The ‘augmented’ ROICA Eco Smart™ family has truly become synonymous of transformation: from standard to speciality, from basic to special, from ordinary to clever and from standard to smart... and beyond” Such goals and unmatched properties have been achieved thanks to relevant investing into research and development to create high-tech engineered yarns - fashion’s primary ingredients - able to meet the ever changing and fast developing business.

Being a pioneer in sustainability allowed the advantage to be the first to reach the end consumers thanks to collaboration with leading fashion houses and brands. At Première Vision ROICA™ will showcase G-Star’s “Most Sustainable Jeans: the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold denim fabric, whose chemistry presents zero risk for people and planet”. The collection – which is already on sale in stores and online – features a 2% of premium degradable stretch fibre ROICA™ V550. On show, also a unique women’s soft sports outfit created by the Milano based label Licia Florio, established in 2010 by Licia Florio and Francio Ferrari. Licia Florio exemplifies a way to live which is both easy and honest; focusing on positive messages, quality materials, functional design. Licia and Francio are firm believers in conveying an appreciation for the making process, advocating for sustainable and local manufacturing. All Licia Florio products are made in Italy, this outfit is created with M.I.T.I. materials that mix ROICA™ EF with recycled polyamide.

On show also premium partners which have preferred to add responsibility to their collection adding ROICA Eco-Smart™ family yarns. Candiani Denim (IT), Dresdner GmbH & Co. (DE), Eusebio S.p.A. (IT), Iluna Group (IT), Indesmalla (SP), Innova fabrics (IT), Inplet Pletiva (SI), Inter Jersey Milano (IT), Lanificio Europa S.A.S. (IT), Lauma Fabrics L/E Textile GmbH (DE), Jackytex (IT), Maglificio Alto Milanese (IT), Maglificio Ripa S.p.A. (IT), MG2 Creation (FR), M.I.T.I. S.p.A. (IT), Payen (FR), Penn Italia, Penn Textile Solutions Penn Italia (DE/IT), Piave Maitex S.R.L. (IT), Reda (IT), Sofileta (FR), Sportswear Argentona S.A. (SP), Sitip S.p.A. (IT), Taubert Textil (DE), Tessitura Colombo Antonio s.r.l. (IT) and TINTEX Textiles S.a. (PT).

Discover ROICA Eco-Smart™ family; the unique premium stretch fibre committed to making a better world.

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