What Kind of Clothing Should You Wear to a Casino?

Over the last ten years we have seen more and more casinos open and sadly many of them seem to have completely abandoned the high quality dress code which they once had in place. Casinos in the main used to be super glamorous places where you could get suited and booted and show off your best outfit, sadly those days seem to have gone in some casinos. In truth you don’t have to get dressed up at all, especially if you are using an online casino like Novibet casino, in that case you could have the best time ever sitting at home in your pajamas. If you do wish to attend a casino however then we say bring back that dress code and glam yourself up for this special occasion.

What Kind of Clothing Should You Wear to a Casino?


A trip to the casino for guys gives the perfect opportunity to get that high end suit out of the closet and give it the full 9 yards to look your absolute best. The preference here would be to go James Bond style with a black suit, fresh white shirt and a black tie, but if you aren’t going for an official event then you may chose to instead keep things a little more fashionable with a colored suit. Something not to forget here is the accessories which you will need like cuff links and tie pins, the more glamorous and glitzy the better. Make sure that you have had a haircut and a beard trim so that you are looking your absolute best ahead of your trip to the casino.


Ladies if your partner is going black tie then you should wear that little black dress which you have in store, with some amazing heels which match the outfit. If your partner is going a little more colorful then pick out a shade from his corner pocket or his tie, and look out for something long and lacy which matches the shade. If you are flying solo then the world is your oyster and you need to be looking for the best and most high end cocktail dress that you can find. Wearing your hair up is always a great look at the casino, especially if you have a gorgeous necklace draped over you. Accessorizing here is going to be key and given that this is going to be an evening of glitz and glamour, it makes sense to get the shiniest bracelets and earrings that you can possibly find. Here you need to find the perfect balance between style and class, get that right and you’ll be the talk of the place.

If you do plan to get dressed up for a casino trip then make sure that it is a casino which is worthy of it, don’t go all out for some backstreet casino which allows people in with jeans, that is not the place for your kind of outfit.

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