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Your style is what identifies you with others; that is why it needs to be unique. It is easy to complicate the concept of ‘style’ and ‘trend’ in the fashion industry. Staying in style is the ability to put together outfits that look elegant on you while following trends is keeping up with what is new in fashion. Due to tight budgets, the student should focus on being stylish rather than trendy. The following slogans are vital for students who want to stay fashionable and stylish:

- Less is always more – torn down and don’t over-accessorize
- Keep up with trends in an age-appropriate manner
- Stay away from matching  outfits
- You should develop your unique style
- Own items that are essential for a timeless wardrobe

College fashion

Sneakers never seem to go out of fashion

Sneakers are the most comfortable footwear on earth, thus are suitable for college student fashion.  Function meets style when sneakers become part of your day-to-day style. For men, they can be easy to pull off because they are used to wearing them. Ladies, however, should tread with caution, especially if it is the first time. Sneaker compliment denim, and you can never go wrong with these two combined. The pairing of sneakers with dresses is a trend that is not going away any time soon. You can comfortably dress-down printed and white-colored dresses with white sneakers. The trending sweater and jersey dresses combine well with sneakers during rainy and sporty weekends.  A classic to both men and women is if you are uncomfortable, trying new styles stick to the popular t-shirt jeans/leggings sneakers look. Finally, sneakers also pair well with tracks, sweatpants, and body hanging dresses. Making fashion changes can be hefty for your studies. can write your essays, saving you time.

Experiment and learn about your body type

Knowing your body type helps you find clothes that fit you properly, boosting your confidence. Gone is the day when the plus size and small-bodied women felt shy about their bodies. Curvy is the new fabulous with women finding the courage to embrace their body types. However, college fashion trends require finding the right fit for clothes that can be hectic to curvy and slim women. Body positivity is vital if you are going to beat the struggles of a particular body type. Everyone’s body type has insecurities, no matter how perfect it is. Embrace who you are for better wellbeing and positivity that will leave you wanting to express the joy within you through fashion.  The most important tip for any body type is to stay away from baggy and unflattering clothes. Only go for outfits that boost your confidence, research your body type, and trust in that instinct when it tells you to look great.

Backpacks, Sling bags, and Fanny bags are the new accessories

Students have many essential items to carry to a lecture. That is why there is a recent shift to fashion-forward backpacks. Both male and female students are opting for this comfortable way of storing their books, tablets, smartphones, and laptops around. Fabulous packs can be attractive to the eyes but also consider how practical it is to your activities. Sling bags will never go out of fashion because they are must-have items for a fashionable woman. Sling bags are adjustable, making them the most comfortable bags for women. They come in different shapes, styles, and materials depending on taste and functions. Finally, the fanny bags hit the market as fall fashion trends of 2019. They continue to shape the world of fashion with students sticking to them because they are portable and can easily store their small items such as lipsticks. They are quickly replacing backpacks and handbags. Backpacks are really useful for students, if you don’t have time, mba essay writing you can ask help from available platforms to do all your assignments for affordable prices.

Earrings and hats compliments outfits

Rocking earrings that stand out with a minimalized outfit is a common trend that is taking over colleges. Large layered fabric earrings are also trending. Men are too piercing and rocking earrings as a fashion statement. Piercing for men is a personal style choice that can work or backfire depending on many factors. Stud and hoops re so far the best unisex earing that men can use. If interested in piercing, please visit an accredited tattoo shop to avoid infections. Recovery after undergoing piercing can take longer than expected. Hats are essential hair accessories for a woman, especially when they are having a bad hair day. Other trending accessories are watches, customized wristbands, and shades.

Jeans and T-shirt are must-have items for a timeless fashion wardrobe

The two are go-to outfits for those days a student is after comfort, especially during exam times. College fashion is not complicated when jeans and T-shirts are available. For women, getting jeans that compliment you is a process that requires evaluation of body types. Research can help you identify jeans that work for you. The colors are also essential to skin color, with some working for light people, and others are for darker complections. Slim jeans are emerging trends in men’s fashion that make them look so elegant. Jeans and printed t-shirts are everyday outfits for comfort in men. College t-shirts show off your passion for the place you are studying. Women are advised to go through tutorials that can help them wear the same T-shirt differently or recycling. What college students wear is determined by finances, their schedule, and emerging trends.

Cardigans and Sweaters keep you fashionably warm

According to reliable writing service Essay Zoo, college fashion blogs recommend sweaters and cardigans to be your companion through cold seasons such as winter. Pairing them with jeans and boots for both men and women is a quick fashion stand and keeps you warm. Cardigans are versatile, coming in different styles and shapes. Long ones are for women, while closed ones look good on men. They are a source of warmth and comfort and are essential during cold seasons. Cardigan and sweaters are advantageous because of their unisex nature. They are wearable by anyone without discrimination. The cardigan is lighter than a shirt, thus worn in environments warm for sweaters but still require a cover. You should invest in an efficient cardigan or sweater because it can last all year, saving you costs.
Conclusively, students are advised to opt for second-hand clothes because keeping up with fashion trends can be very expensive. Second-hand clothing ensures you look good on a small budget. You will be surprised at the high quality of some of the second-hand clothes. Different trends work for different seasons; that is why students should be frequently updated. Looking good boosts confidence and has the potential to improve a student’s performance in class.

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