Varvaressos' new partnerships adopt SUPREME GREEN COTTON

“Textile producers that have chosen our new generation of smart cotton have chosen sustainability and transparency,” say at the Greek yarn manufacturer which has developed an innovative and socially responsible system from the seed to the garment that supports farmers and businesses at the foothills of Mount Olympus

A pioneering satellite-powered drip irrigation system, Made in Europe and a set of influential eco-certifications that grant 100% traceable products and attest corporate responsibility. These are the innovations behind the ultimate premium quality collection by Varvaressos S.A. European Spinning Mills. For the second time, the Greek yarn manufacturer joins the Smart Creation, Première Vision’s exhibition platform for cutting-edge innovators, to focus on SUPREME GREEN COTTON® - SGC – and on its very first adopters as Fieratex (booth 5R38), Joaps-Malhas (booth 5T7), Mileta A.S. (booth 6E8 6F7), Taborelli (booth 3S11), TINTEX Textiles (booths 5R50 5S43, 3S7) and Verne et Clet (booth 6L2).

"After the big success of our first attendance at Smart Creation, we are proud to be back again with our textile developments, both knit and woven, thought for premium leading European producers", says Argirios Sarridis, Managing Director of Varvaressos.

“Indeed, SGC is now officially ready to enter the market meeting the requirements for high-end garments, thanks to excellent uniformity, superior strength, contamination-free and longstaple eco-fibers”, continues Sarridis.

Varvaressos' new partnerships adopt SUPREME GREEN COTTON

Water usage is one of the pressing issues in cotton production. Varvaressos uses Israeli ultimate technologies and expertise in water management and has customized a sustainable technology that allows reducing water consumption up to 40%. Thanks to the advanced drip irrigation system, plants are watered and fed without wasting a single drop. Thanks to a custom-developed app connected via satellite and meteorological stations in selected cotton fields, farmers can monitor the fields in real time. The IoT – Internet of Things system warns them to take action to ensure plants to flourish healthily and high a higher yield in a sustainable way.

Another critical issue of cotton production is GMO. All the farmers and producers are carefully selected to guarantee the highest GMO-free quality as well as the most sustainable standards in line with EU strict regulations.

For four generations, Varvaressos has taken care of its territory, meeting the economic needs and increasing the productivity of local farmers and business. Indeed, the whole supply chain is located within 200 km by the company. To prove such commitment, the company has equipped the SUPREME GREEN COTTON® collection with a QR code providing detailed information about all the production phases, making the products 100% traceable.

At Smart Creation, the company introduces the first textile developments that use SGC created by European leading companies. Both woven and knit proposals mainly 100% SUPREME GREEN COTTON® highlighting at best the versatility of the fiber.

The collection’s superior quality is guaranteed by influential certifications such as the MADE IN GREEN by OEKOTEX® which attests the transparency and traceability. The company has also obtained the STeP by OEKO-TEX® - Sustainable Textile Production - certification for environmentally friendly and socially responsible production facilities along the textile chain, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. The aim of STeP by OEKO-TEX® is to constantly improve production conditions, health and safety in all business areas. “At the same time, we achieve health and safety work conditions for the farmers in the cotton fields”, adds Sarridis. Varvaressos plays an important role in its surrounding territory on a human level as well. The brand dialogues, teams up and supports local business, farmers and their families with educational high-tech development programs.

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