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Diamonds are one of the most sought after gemstones in the world today. Their scintillating beauty and brilliant flashes of colour have been identified as ‘fire’ in ice. Natural cut diamonds are rare gemstones and have acquired quite a price tag in the precious metals and gems market.
The value of a diamond can be estimated by looking its rarity. The rarer the qualities of the diamond, the higher its value. Heck! The Winston Blue diamond cost $23.8 million for just 13.22 carats. So, what should you look for in a diamond before settling for your ultimate timeless treasure?

The Four C’s Thumb Rule.
Diamonds are graded differently using several acceptable certified measurements to determine their quality. The most accepted grading method is the Gemological Institute of America’s 4C system. The 4C’s are Clarity, Cut, Colour and Carat weight.
Let us delve in and look into how these four qualities determine the value of your diamond.


1. Clarity

Clarity is a property that assesses the number, size, relief and position of inclusions and blemishes within the diamond. The inclusions are checked on how they affect the overall appearance of the stone.
“Where do the inclusions come from?” You may wonder. For natural diamonds, they are as a result of tremendous heat and pressure on carbon within the rocks of the earth. The process may result in the formation of these inclusions within the diamond.
The clearer the diamond, the higher its value. While no diamond is 100% pure, the closer it is to purity, the higher its cost.

2. Cut

The cut of a diamond involves its proportions, symmetry and polish. It is about how well the facets of the diamond will interact with light. A diamond’s shape is not similar to its cut grade.
Since time immemorial, Diamonds have been known for their ability to reflect light and produce intense, brilliant sparkles. The sparkle in a diamond is actually as a result of the cut facets of the will interact with the light.
To acquire the dazzling return of light in a diamond, a lot of precision has to be applied on the cuts. It requires accurate artistry and precise workmanship to fashion the stone to the perfect proportion, symmetry and polish.

3. Colour

Diamonds come in many different colours. However, the evaluation of a diamond’s value is based on the absence of colour. Sounds crazy, right? Well, it is not. Just like a pure drop of water, a perfect diamond is assumed to have no hue.
Subtle differences in colour significantly affect the value of the diamond. Some of these colour distinctions are so subtle that they are invisible to the naked eye. They are identified microscopically. For a structurally perfect and pure diamond has no colour and consequently has a higher price tag.

4. Carat weight

Diamond carat weight is a measurement of how much the diamond weighs. The carat weight of a diamond acts as its measure for rarity. A metric carat is measured as 1/200th of a gram. Also, each carat can be further subdivided into 100 ‘points’ allowing for accurate and precise measurements.


The larger the diamonds of the same quality, the higher the value per carat weight.

There you have them, the 4C’s of diamond quality factors. The quality of a diamond must stand up to mark on these properties to be considered valuable.

Ovadia Hatton Garden Jewellery
Ovadia Hatton Garden Jewellery is a London based jewellery shop that is located in Hatton Garden. It is a family run business operated by Hannah and her husband, Ben. Hannah has a diploma in gemology from the Gemological Institute of America. She is passionate about precious gemstones and rough diamonds.

Ben also has studied diamonds and knows quite a lot about their journey from rough diamonds in ores to their radiant facets in the eyes of the customers. Having worked with several polished diamond manufacturers, Ben can guide you through your selection of these precious jewels.
Ovadia Jewellery majors in loose diamonds and has one of the largest online collections of the gems. Whether you are looking for coloured diamonds or diamond pairs to craft your earrings, Ovadia has got you covered. Visit THE London shop in Hatton Gardens and have an exciting tour of the world of these beautiful stones.

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