A Brief History of the Air Jordans

Work your way through sneaker history, and you'll find that some shoes had more mystique than others. The shoes that stand apart from the rest are undoubtedly Air Jordans. Interestingly, Nike hoped they'd sell enough Air Jordan sneakers when they were released to generate $3 million in new sales. These popular sneakers outdid those expectations and then some, with these classic sneakers generating $3 million every five hours. They're popular sneakers for sneakerheads, but it's still a valuable lesson to learn the history behind these iconic shoes.

The Air Jordin Origins

The good news is that you've found the perfect guide to learning more about the history behind Air Jordan sneakers and some tips to buy sneakers for your growing sneaker collection. Keep reading this article to learn more about Michael Jordan's shoe legacy today!

The Air Jordin Origins
Michael Jordan had established a reputation as a star player with charisma when still plying his trade at the University of North Carolina. After getting drafted by the Chicago Bulls, Jordan signed a shoe deal with up-and-coming shoe brand Nike. The deal came with $500,000 annually and a signature shoe line.

Phil Knight, Nike's founder, was determined to create an athletic shoe line for Jordan, hoping it would grow into something more significant. The first Air Jordan was designed on the back of a napkin. The logo featured a basketball with wings to signify Jordan's incredible leaping ability.

The NBA banned the first Air Jordans since they didn't comply with the strict footwear rules. The shoes were too colorful, though that didn't stop Jordan fans from purchasing the shoes in droves. The ban didn't last, as Nike generated $70 million in sales from these classic sneakers.

Michael Jordan's play had taken off (pun intended), and his shoe line was growing in stature. Kids and adults nationwide wanted to wear the same shoes MJ wore. The moment that changed sneaker history was the All-Start Weekend in 1988. Michael Jordan wore new Air Jordan 3s for the slam dunk competition and took flight. The Jumpman logo was prominently featured, sparking a new wave of interest in these classic shoes. The sneaker collection changed throughout the 90s until Jordan's second retirement from professional basketball. They're a significant focus for collaborations, resulting in more popular sneakers.

Modern Air Jordan Sneaker Collection
Despite his retirement decades ago, Air Jordan sneakers have remained at the forefront of popular culture. Sneakerheads are sentimental when it comes to popular sneakers, which helps these classics stay relevant.

Jordan Brand has also collaborated with other fashion brands in recent years. Kanye West, Travis Scott, and Eminem have all collaborated with Jordan Brand on sneakers. You can click for Air Jordan 1 sneakers in several stunning colorways. You must consider Air Jordans when you buy sneakers for your collection. No sneaker collection is complete without a pair of Air Jordans on the shelf.

Tips for Buying Air Jordan Sneakers
Adding Air Jordan sneakers to your growing collection is an excellent goal to set. Most sneakerheads have at least one pair of Jordans safely stashed in their closets. The value of these shoes means you need to stay patient and do your due diligence. Here are some helpful tips to aid you in your search for the right popular shoes to add to your closet.

Search Online
Check message boards and Reddit to find the best places to shop for popular sneakers and bookmark those websites. You can use these websites to make the rounds each day and check for new options when you buy sneakers. You'll save money on your Air Jordans when you stay patient and explore your buying options. It's best to set expectations during the purchasing journey. You shouldn't expect to encounter tons of cheap Air Jordan options. There are sneakerheads all over who are looking for the chance to purchase sneaker history at a discount. Educate yourself on the market price for the different Air Jordan shoes. It's the best route to know if you're getting a great deal when you buy sneakers for your collection.

Start Saving
You're still going to spend a pretty penny on these popular sneakers when you get a great deal. You don't want to miss out on your dream sneakers because you didn't save enough money to make a purchase. View it through the lens of saving your allowance as a child. Set some money aside from each paycheck you receive so you're prepared when you get the chance to buy popular sneakers like the Air Jordan 1s. You can create a bankroll for adding to your sneaker collection.

Learn to Spot Counterfeits
Shopping for great deals with Air Jordans comes with the risk of buying a counterfeit. People are looking for ways to make a quick buck off sneakerheads who are dying to get the latest pair of Jordans for their sneaker collection, especially in this economy. You must educate yourself on the fine points of sneaker history to spot a fake pair of Jordans. Most counterfeiters will cut corners to get their products on the market quicker. Look for the build materials and stitching to look for signs of a fake. Be extra cautious when you buy sneakers online.

Learn Your Sneaker History
If you want to collect Air Jordan and Jordan Brand sneakers, it's vital to learn the history of these popular shoes. Know how many variants of Jordans there are and the different numbers related to different releases. Knowing the number of NBA athletes with a signature shoe line will also serve you well for your sneaker collection.

Own a Part of Sneaker History With Air Jordans Today
Air Jordans are arguably the most important sneakers in sneaker history since they resulted in additional signature shoe deals, and they're tied to the greatest basketball player of all time. The originals were sketched on a napkin and grew into a global brand that everyone wanted to add to their sneaker collection. Look out for counterfeits and build a budget to purchase these popular sneakers when you get the chance.
Keeping up with fashion trends and the best sneakers is hard work. Check out the rest of our blog content to keep your shoe game on point!

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