Retro Air Jordan models such as the Shattered Backboard to be released this year

Air Jordans have a reputation for being the most popular shoes of all time. The hype reaches way beyond basketball fans and shoe collectors. These shoes are branded with the name of Michael Jordan, the legendary basketball player, which explains their wild success. The very first Air Jordans were produced exclusively for Michael Jordan in late 1984 and then released for the public the next year. Since then, so many different models have been designed that shoe collectors have their hands full hunting them all down.

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Recently, many of these early models are being brought back to life in the form of retro variants. These are new models but strongly imitating the old ones with some small differences. One such retro model is the AJ 5 Shattered Backboard. It’s a throwback to the Air Jordan 5 from 1990 designed by the famous Tinker Hatfield. Originally an architect, he has been applying his structural and construction knowledge to design many legendary and innovative sneakers for over 30 years.

This Air Jordan 5 retro model has been nicknamed “Shattered Backboard” due to the fan-favorite color palette it shares with an AJ 1 from 2015. The bulk of the shoe is made of genuine leather in the traditional white form, but also includes textile mesh on the collar, throat and quarter panel, replacing the plastic netting of the original 1990 model.

The shoe’s tongue is reflective matte silver adorned by an embroidered orange Jumpman logo. The Jumpman is a stylized silhouette of Michael Jordan leaping for a slam dunk. It was inspired by a photo for Life magazine leading up to the 1984 Summer Olympics. The logo was also designed by Tinker Hatfield, replacing the old “Wings” logo on Air Jordans 1 and 2.

The matte-finished midsole adds an orange and black character in an arrangement deserving of the “Shattered Backboard” nickname. There is also grey speckled detailing in the shape of shark teeth on the lateral forefoot. Finally, the outsoles are partially translucent and have a milky finish along with a herringbone tread for optimal grip.

Interestingly enough, the Air Jordan 5 has been worn a lot on screen by the actor Will Smith in the popular American sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The story is about a street-smart teenager who, after getting into some trouble, is sent away to move in with his rich relatives in their Bel-Air mansion. Humorous clashes of lifestyles ensue.

Many more retro models are being released this year so be sure to look up sneaker release dates to not miss out. They do sell out quickly after all!

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