Sun-Kissed Style: Fashion Inspirations For A Fabulous Summer

It’s the height of summer, and revamping your wardrobe is a must to stay cool and stylish in hot weather. For some, a summer wardrobe upgrade would entail fits that would look good on the beach. For others, this could be casual styles for a more versatile look for their Instagram feed. With social media driving major fashion trends, and with 48% of Americans preferring to not be photographed in the same outfit twice, it’s good to be on top of fashion trends. If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to your summer fits, here are a few fashion inspirations for you.  

Summer fashion

Skin is In

Summer this year is unbelievably hot, with temperatures reaching up to 50 degrees, and one way to cool off while looking fantastic is to show off some skin. A mini-dress can be the perfect outfit for hot weather. It allows you to stay cool while looking classy, just like New York-based model Liza Lagrace, who looks stunning in a leopard and floral print halter mini-dress. Mini dresses are also quite versatile, as you can use them as your day wear and they can also work for your night outs. It’s no wonder that major designer houses like Chanel, Versace, and Miumiu are eager to present their takes on the mini trend this year.

A Pop of Color

Bright and bold colors are a staple in this year’s fashion, says personal stylist Victoria Havlik. Among a wide array of bright colors, pink is dominating this summer’s scene, with celebs like Blake Lively wearing a deep pink Sergio Hudson mini-dress when she attended Gigi Hadid’s birthday. Olivia Rodrigo was also spotted wearing the bright hue as she donned a pink punk-inspired mini-dress during the Met Gala afterparty. If wearing very bright colors isn’t your style, you can go for pastels, such as baby blue or lavender, as they look fresh and cool for summer. 

Coastal Grandma Vibes

If you’re more into a laid-back look, one aesthetic that you can try out is the coastal grandmother vibe, which is the latest fashion trend on TikTok. This style involves a lot of neutral colors, linen fabrics, stripes, as well as pops of baby blue and pinks. Take inspiration from Anne Hathaway, who looks equally comfy and stylish in her white button down and cream-colored chinos, paired with a straw hat and oversized sunglasses. She even said in her Instagram caption that she’s been ready for a #coastalgrandmother chic even before TikTok was born. We all want to look good in our summer photos. This summer, looking good means being stylish while wearing clothes that make you feel comfortable. After all, what you wear should complement who you are and show off your best self.

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