5 tips to stay stylish in summer

Summer is here and with it comes a heat wave. Staying stylish in 35°C weather is no easy task. Fighting perspiration, discomfort and heat while maintaining a fashionable look can be a real challenge. That is why we have come up with 5 tips for staying stylish in the summer.

Summer style

#1 Pick the right fabrics
Pick cotton, linen or knit fabrics. These natural fabrics will not constrict your body or make you sweat in the heat. They are also great for staying cool and well-dressed, even in hot weather. A pair of linen pants or a linen shirt will always do the trick and limit the feeling of heat.
Avoid polyester, nylon, or silk clothing as they are not breathable. They will make you sweat and retain body odor, which will make your hot day even more uncomfortable.

#2 Pick light colors
Pastel colors and the lightest colors on the spectrum, such as white, beige, or light blue, absorb less sun than darker colors, so they are good options for better heat tolerance. These light, bright colors will allow you to look stylish while avoiding being too hot.
Be careful with white clothing, though, because if the fabric is too thin, it can be transparent.

#3 Pick loose fitting sizes
Pick loose-fitting cuts and styles. Avoid tight-fitting clothes and those that restrict your movement. Generally, the looser the clothing, the cooler it is in hot weather because it allows a layer of air to be created between your skin and your clothes. A low-cut top with puffed sleeves or sleeveless will be your perfect ally against the heat.

Dare to wear shorts or Bermuda shorts, made with the right fabric, and well cut they will give you a very elegant look.

#4 Accessories
Accessories are a fashion staple. If the heat is keeping us from layering up to finish our look, accessories might. Choose brightly colored sunglasses, a nice hat or jewelry. Ladies, the fan will ensure a rare elegance. But be careful not to overdo it!

#5 Choose the right shoes
Pick shoes that are comfortable and not restrictive. Look for shoes with comfortable soles made of breathable materials like canvas or cotton. Avoid shoes made of non-breathable materials like leather, rubber, or other synthetic materials. Ladies, heels are not a permanent requirement, pick a nice pair of sandals or loafers.

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