How to Match Clothing to Your Hair Color

For many people, their hairstyle is something that speaks volumes about their personalities, which is why many consider adjusting their clothing choice depending on their hairstyle. Many individuals will typically change their hairstyle depending on the occasion, but they would always go back to their regular cut and style and simply adjust their clothes when they go out for brunch or dinner with friends.

How to Match Clothing to Your Hair Color

Similar to your hairstyle, every piece of clothing you put on reflects your personality and impacts your emotions. This is why it’s essential to find a balance between finding clothes that fit well and are comfortable. In this article, we’ll talk about how you can easily match your clothing to your hairstyle.

Dark Brown Hair
For those with dark brown hair, the best clothing colors to go for are red, yellow, black, white, gray, orange, and green. These colors perfectly match your dark brown hair to brighten up your face and give it a relaxed look. Keep in mind that your dark hair is saturated, so going for a shiny color for your clothing would make you stand out even more. You can similarly go for printed patterns. When choosing pastel shades, you have to approach them with caution. People sporting dark brown hair should avoid lavender and peach because they can make your face look pale and dull.

Blonde Hair
Blonde hair can match most clothing styles, but they are best paired with navy blue. Earth tones are also great for blondes, but they can also play pastel colors, mainly pink and blue. Using bold patterns and stamps should be avoided. If you can’t help it, choose the ones with small prints. Large ones can take over your entire look and bring the focus away from you. Blondes should also avoid wearing black clothing, since it can make them appear shy.

Redheads have a hair color that is daring in nature, like the blondes. In general, there should be a conscious decision when choosing clothing styles because they may be tempted to overdo it or called out for being too bold. Brunettes will find that neutral colors would look great on them. Corals, camels, and browns would be ideal for matching their hair color. However, their best color would be green. Like dark brown hair, brunettes have saturated hair color, and wearing pastels would make them look pale and dull.

Black Hair
Many people might think that those with black hair wouldn’t have any problems matching their clothing to their hairstyles. However, black is one of the most saturated tones that your choice of clothing should match its intensity. When shopping for clothes, going for whites, blues, blacks, and greens are preferred.

It’s also not advisable to wear colors that will make you look bleached. When wearing pastels can’t be helped, it would be best to go for extremely light pastels to create a contrast with the deep tones of your hair.

Platinum Hair
If you have platinum or graying hair and you choose to wear it proudly, going for rich colors like purple, black, and white would suit your hairstyle. You can also play with the colors of gemstones like ruby and sapphire. Another great option would be silver. While your hair would generally look good with any color, avoiding ivory and gray should be kept in mind since these colors can give you that washed-out look. You should also avoid greens, as they can reflect on your hair color and make you appear less appealing.

Whatever hairstyle or clothing you choose to wear, keep in mind that your comfort should be your priority. If you keep adjusting your hair or clothing because you feel uneasy, it defeats the purpose of dressing up. Keep your head up high and dress as you please. If you’re unsure, you can always consult experts, such as Therapy Hair Studio in Houston.

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