How to Care For Your Wild Silk Fabrics

Have you ever wondered why people are so captivated by the elegance of wild silk fabrics? These delicate fabrics can be made into many things, especially when a skilful hand is involved. This article will teach you how to get the most from this fantastic fabric.

Why Are Wild Silk Fabrics Unique

Why Are Wild Silk Fabrics Unique?

Wild silk fabrics are unique and cannot be compared with conventional silks. They are derived from silkworms that thrive in their natural habitats. You will quickly identify what makes Wild Silk different if you have an eye for originality. Its fibers are often coarser, making it elegant.

Despite its coarseness, Wild Silk is especially sensitive. Also, they are more delicate than the other types of silk fabrics that exist. As a result, it is essential to consider this sensitivity. You'll need a tender touch for it, and try to avoid any contact with harsh chemicals.

6 Ways To Care For Your Wild Silk

If you care for your fabrics, they'll maintain that timeless look. We recommend following these easy steps to make them last.

Check the Care Label

It's better to look at the label before you wash your Wild Silk. You can read the care label if you buy a fabric from Baserange. If the label says to dry clean, don't try to hand wash it. This way, you can avoid damaging your fabric. If a fabric needs to be hand-washed, you mustn't place it inside a washer.

Machine Wash With Care

You also need added care even if you're washing the wild silk textile in a machine. It will require a gentle cycle since the fabric is susceptible. However, using the spin cycle removes the dirt quickly, and you can air dry the fabrics.

Don’t Use Harsh Detergents or Bleach

Wild silk textiles cannot survive harsh cleaners like bleach or enzymes. Using these can damage the natural sheen of the fibers. It's better to use natural detergents (especially the ones with a neutral PH). In addition, they will help retain the colors, unlike when you use harsh detergents.

Regulate the Temperature

It's better to wash with cold water, but that is if you plan on saving your electricity bills. However, if you're using any other temperature, ensure it isn't over 30 degrees Celsius. Also, wash wild silk textiles in lukewarm water to preserve their fiber strength. 

Separate Colors

Before you begin washing, test the fabric's color fastness. Ensure that you separate colored fabrics, especially the ones with vibrant colors. To prevent any damage, you can put the colored clothes in a laundry bag.

Do Not Dry it in Direct Sunlight

Wild silk fabrics do not need direct sunlight; you can air dry or freeze them. Also, if the fabric has a natural dye, it will be sensitive to sunlight. Air-drying will remove the odor from the fabric and ensure it retains its color fastness.

Finally, it doesn't matter which type of Wild Silk you own. They all need special care. You can use this guide to care for wild silks like  Ceranchia, Bombyx, Borocera, Suraka, and Argema. Remember that they are sensitive, and you should care for them properly.

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