How To Dress Up And Down Women's Jeans For Different Occasions

Jeans are a staple wardrobe essential. They are arguably the most versatile, long-lasting and fashionable piece of clothing that has been around for the past several decades, and is still loved by all age groups! Everyone is a jeans person at heart, as a denim pair of pants is likely to be the most comfortable, affordable and stylish bottom, which can be styled up or down according to your mood or occasion. We can now choose between various colors, crops and rises in jeans to create our own individual style.

Jeans can be paired up with something classic, like a solid color tee or can be glammed up with unique and vibrant tops and blouses. There are many ways in which one can look glamourous in jeans and become a head-turner of the crowd in an instant.


Even though jeans have been around for as long as we can remember, they are still in trend. With the appearance of new cuts, styles, colors and silhouettes, jeans are still loved by all in almost every year – even with all the changes, these bottoms are a clothing item that doesn’t want to leave!

For a year, skinny jeans can be all the rage. Another year and high waist womens jeans may feel like an outdated piece that just stays in the back of the closet. In order to keep up with the ever-evolving styles of denim, you need to stay in the game and always keep an eye out for the newest trends in fashion.

Each one of us has their own favorites when it comes to jeans. They are likely a pair with which we can look classy and casual at the same time. Jeans are not given as much respect as dresses but when you nail your jeans game, you can be the most radiant in the room. In this article, we will tell you how you can dress up or down in jeans to create admirable and  dazzling outfits for almost any occasion, so let’s get started!

How To Dress Up And  Down Women's Jeans For Different Occasions?

Looking formal in jeans

Even though it’s easy to wear jeans casually, dressing up in them may need some additional creativity and unconventional thinking. Luckily for us, our fashion bloggers, social media influencers and other celebrities have given us plenty of options to start with.

1.Jeans and oversized blazer

Whenever you need to make an appearance in your jeans in a limited time or budget, throw on an oversized blazer and you're sorted. This is a foolproof, no-fail and always a spot-on way to dress up in your denim pants for any occasion - business meetings, date nights, dinner with family or even for a Sunday brunch. You can find some really cool oversized blazer numbers from Miss Lola!

2.Jeans with a striped jumper or a shirt

When talking about looking elegant in jeans, always keep in mind that whichever style of jeans you choose, it should not be cropped, distressed or ripped as it won’t give off a formal vibe. Another way to look chic in your jeans is to pair them up with a striped jumper or a striped button-down shirt.

Both these top styles instantly take away the ‘laziness’ of the outfit. Make sure that the striped jumper is always longer in length and is loosely fitted. The striped button-down shirt should always be tucked in, fully or partly.

3.Jeans and trench coats

If anything has ever emerged as a clear winner from Met Galas, then it has to be the trench coat. This style of coat has been around for decades but recently it has become more affordable and in style so you can now pair it up with high waist women’s jeans for the ultimate formal look. With a trench coat as a top, your jeans will appear more like a dress, which created a flattering look.

4.Jeans with floral, fancy and dramatic blouses

If your top is vibrant and grabs all the attention then jeans are no longer the center of attention of the outfit. If you want to send a message with your look, then let your blouse do the talking and wear your favorite pair of denim as a compliment.

Puffed up sleeves tops, big bow blouses, eyelet lace tops, embroidered and embellished tops, floral and colorful blouses – easy to style with any jeans for any occasion.

Dress down in jeans

Dressing down in jeans is no brainer, as it is the general way of wearing jeans. If you want to look casual, just keep things less complicated, opt for your comfort and ditch any complicated accessories.

1.Jeans and a tee

Now this is a classic combination that you can never go wrong with, a simple loosely fitted tee with a good pair of jeans is a classic! The things that should really matter here are the fit of the jeans - cut, rise and wash. When it comes to an everyday fit with jeansm, the style becomes secondary and the comfort is primary. Look for your favorite rise, wash, cut and style.

2.Jeans and crop top

Crop tops have really made their place in the fashion world due their ease of complimenting any body type and any jeans cut. Wear a crop top with your jeans if you really want to give a laid back and chill vibe. You can find crop tops in a myriad of options at Miss Lola, from monochromatic ones to floral, quirky and cool ones.

3.Jeans and off-shoulder tops

Everybody loves off-shoulder tops especially the ones with ruffles. They look super cute, give a very good hold at the shoulder area and look super chic. When aiming to dress down in jeans pair off-shoulder or even one shoulder tops.

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