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Festival season is right around the corner, and let’s face it, it can be a music-lovers Fashion Week. The trends come and go, but there are a few staples of the fashion that will never leave. Some things just scream “music festival”. So, what’s in store for 2023? Will we get those staples back, perhaps with a new twist, or will there be a few surprises on the horizon. Take a look at our suggestions for the best festival wear for this year’s circuit.

Festival wear

Euphoria makeup
Music festivals are not the place for a full face. The most important step to your makeup routine should be the SPF, and you’ll need to reapply, ruining your makeup. All of that is if you haven’t already sweated it all off.

That’s why the makeup of the hit TV show Euphoria is a great choice. Bright colours, bold statements as needed for music festivals, but also, they’re pretty slapdash. Rue’s most famous look is to cry glitter. No amount of mascara run or sweat is going to ruin that when it’s already supposed to look like it’s running down your face.

Tie dye
And the best part is that you can incorporate all the pastel pinks, purples and blues from Euphoria into your clothes to match. No better are these colours applied than in tie dye. This is something you can do yourself, at home, for a more grungy look, but it is tricky to get right. However, it has been a staple of music festivals since the peak of the 60’s, so it will always be in trend. If your tie dye attempts are more miss than hit, you can find tie dye shirts here.

Bucket hats
Bucket hats are marmite. They went out in the 90’s for a reason, but with everyone looking up at the crowds at Nirvana and Oasis gigs to see what was worn, it’s no surprise that they’re coming back.

But what helps this decision is the practicality of it. If you’re in the sun, you’re going to need a hat. And while a baseball cap does well to protect your face, it will do nothing for the back of your neck. Do you know what will protect your neck? A hat with an all-rounder brim, like a bucket hat. Even better is a sunhat if you want something a little less, stylishly controversial.

Music tees
It goes without saying that you should pack a few slogan music t-shirts for an easy switch up of your outfit. Support who’s on the stage or simply show off your favorite groups. You can jazz them up by adding fringe by slicing up the bottom of them, tie them around your waist for a less baggy look, or cut out elements for something more funky than a simple t-shirt.

Statement sunnies
If none of those appeal to you, you should at least invest in some statement sunglasses. They’re a necessary addition in the summer, but you can also have so much fun with them. Aviator, hearts, blue lens, whatever. You’ll instantly take any festival look from “So?” to “Wow!”

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