Can You Gold Dip A Rose?

In short, yes you can gold dip a rose.

There is a complicated process required for it to be effective, but it is regularly done, and gold dipped roses are very popular ornaments and gifts. Throughout this article, we will discuss the process required to successfully gold dip a rose, and cover some of the frequently asked questions that people have regarding gold-dipped roses.

gold dipped rose

How Gold-Dipped Roses Are Made 

The process for gold dipping a rose has many different steps, but they can be categorized into these four main processes.

Choosing A Rose

The first, and in some cases the most important step is to choose the rose that will be dipped in gold. Some rose growers breed roses specifically for gold-dipping, honing the breed to have certain visual characteristics that make them more visually appealing. Whereas other creators will work with a broader range of roses.

The main characteristic to be concerned with is not the rose breed, but the stage of bloom. If a rose has already bloomed then it is too late to be used for dipping as the petals are quite vulnerable and likely to fall off during the dipping process. The roses need to be watched very closely as they come up to the point they are about to bloom and be picked and preserved just as they start to open up. When removing the rose from the bush, it is important to leave a 5-6 inch stem for easy handling.  

Preparing The Rose

When it comes to preparing a rose for gold-dipping there are two parts to the process. Firstly, the rose needs to be prepared aesthetically, then chemically. Aesthetic preparation is all about making the rose look the way you want it to before dipping. It often includes removing certain leaves from the stem and ensuring the blooming rosebud is looking just how you want it to, with no misplaced petals interfering with the way it looks. Once the rose has been prepared aesthetically it needs to be prepared chemically. If you just dip the rose into liquid gold, it would crumble and lose its form instantly. The chemicals used help to preserve its current form, and make it possible for the liquid gold to stick to the rose.

Roses need to first have a lacquer or other electrophoresing chemical applied to the rose and be dried before dipping. Multiple coats are needed to preserve the rose in its form and prepare it for dipping. Between the multiple coats and the time required to dry, it takes 12-24 hours.

Dipping The Rose

When the rose is being dipped it is important to use extreme caution to prevent injury. The long rose stem should only be held using heat-resistant gloves as exposure to the liquid gold could cause injury. The quality of liquid gold used when gold-dipping roses vary from supplier to supplier. The gold roses featured on Castle Jewelry only use the highest quality 24k liquid gold.

The prepared rose is dipped into the gold for the gold to stick. For a thin coating, it takes between 45-60 seconds, whereas 90 seconds or more would be needed for a thicker coating on the gold rose.

Preserving The Gold Dipped Rose

Once the rose has been dipped and allowed to drip dry it could be considered complete, but many creators then dip it in a further chemical to help seal the gold plating and minimize the chance it could be tarnished.

Gold Rose FAQs

How Much Is A 24k Gold Rose?

The price for a 24k gold rose depends on a variety of factors including the size, the process used, and the expertise of the craftsman. However, in general, prices typically range from $60 to nearly $400. In some cases, you are paying a premium because of the jeweler you are shopping at, and in other cases, the process followed is more involved and includes more steps resulting in higher prices.

A reputable jeweler with good reviews will give you a good quality gold rose, without an exorbitant markup in price. 

How Much Gold is On A Gold Dipped Rose?

The amount of gold found on a gold-dipped rose varies greatly. Many roses are dipped in 24k liquid gold, whereas other gold roses are not dipped in such high-quality gold. There is also variance in how thick the gold coating is. If you dip the rose in the liquid gold for less than 60 seconds there will be a thin layer, whereas if it is left in the mixture for 90 seconds or more there will be a thicker layer.

Can I Make My Own Gold Roses?

Though it would technically be possible to make your own gold rose, we do not recommend it. Firstly there would be a lot of specialized equipment you would need to buy to do it, making it not financially feasible, and secondly, it is a dangerous process, requiring specialized skills, and you are unlikely to produce a gold rose you are satisfied with.

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