CLOTH Project ClusterXChange event in The Netherlands

The CLOTH Project, the European alliance which brings together individuals, companies and clusters working on the transformation of the fashion sector towards sustainability and digitalization, will organize another ClusterXchange event in The Netherlands, between 27 and 29 of September.

The aim of the trip is for the participants to better know the good practices existent in the Netherlands, a result of the initiatives to stimulate the collaboration between different organizations, the public-private collaborations and the big transformative projects that create a textile circular economy in the country.

Sorting textile

The Concept of the trip is based on three steps : Collection of textile Waste, Classification of textiles Waste and Valorization by both Reuse and Recycling. The key points being:

1. Who is involved in the TEXTILE CIRCULAR ECONOMY?
2. Which Projects / Entities /Companies and other agents are working together?
3. Is there public/private collaboration?

The program starts in Deventer where participants will visit the alliance of AVU, ROVA and Circulus, three Dutch waste organizations that together collect approximately 1.25 million tons of household waste per year. There will be also a presentation of a company that deals with selective collection in an this of the Netherlands managing a project involving 8 municipalities that created the classification plant. After visiting the plant Wieland in Wormerveer the participants will depart to Amsterdam where, the next and final day, the participants will go to Denim City and attend a number of presentations on various longterm programs in The Netherlands aiming to redefine the entire Fashion industry.

The CLOTH project allocates a voucher to participating companies, which covers travel expenses.

The ClusterXchange Programme
The ClusterXchange mobility scheme programme aims to facilitate the exchanges of experiences and best practices among SMEs and clusters.  It is open to different types of organizations: SMEs, clusters, scaling-up support organizations, large companies or even public companies. Companies are able to access a travel bag from the European CLOTH (Xchange) project.

CLOTH project - CLuster Alliance fOr the Transition to green and digital fasHion - is a new alliance aiming to create a favorable ecosystem of relevant stakeholders, from a cross-sectoral perspective, promoting a greener, smarter, and more competitive and innovative European Fashion industry.
The CLOTH project is an integrated cross-sectoral partnership with 5 partners from 5 European countries (Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, Denmark, and France) working on different value chains: Fashion and Textile, circular economy, creative industry and Digital. During the EU supported CLOTH Project will be organized minimum 100 short-term exchanges between targeted members of clusters located in other countries.

The CLOTH project is funded by the European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA), under the powers delegated by the European Commission, COSME programme, call COS-CLUSTER-2020-3-03 / COS-CLUSTER-2020-3-03-1 (European Cluster Excellence Programme with ClusterXchange scheme connecting ecosystems and cities).

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