How Has Casino Fashion Evolved Through the Years?

Filipinos and fashion go hand in hand. Evolution has been a constant in the archipelago, where current-day fashion has influences going back to its Hindu/Buddhist roots, followed by changes brought in by the Islamic traders and eventually the Spanish. In 2022, Philippines fashion is a beautiful amalgamation of the past, the present, and a touch of western influence.


Much like fashion, their gambling has also evolved into online casino Philippines trends. Demetris Jast, our online casino reviews expert, says the transition has been easy as gambling has been around since at least the 16th century. In this article, the author writes about how Casino attire trends have changed with time across the globe.

What Happened in the ’90s?

It was during the grunge movement of the 1990s that the casino fashion trend began to fade from glitz and glamor. Moving on from the fashion influenced by casino fashion icons like Marylin Monroe and Elvis Presley, the grunge era saw luxury and opulence completely abolished, making the grunge era the antithesis of the glamorous age.

The idea of dressing up for a night on the town was no longer popular, and a sense of revolt was felt across all ages. With ties, collared shirts, and cocktail dresses no longer in fashion; the casino industry began to loosen their dress codes in an effort to attract the high-rollers who would spend their hard-earned money at the tables.

Fashion Today

Dressing up for a casino is no longer just about looking like James Bond or Sharon Stone; today's casino fashion ranges from White Tie to more casual clothes. If you're heading to a casino, you should know the casino fashion trends and the differences between them. 

A fancy evening gown and jewelry are required for a night in the casino. Fashion inspiration can be pulled from Frank Sinatra's casino days or even the early days of casinos. Today's casinos often have a Business Casual dress code. This outfit combines elements of workwear and casual wear. The dress code allows us to experiment with patterns while retaining a simple silhouette. It could be made more fun and unique by incorporating 1920s themes; as long as you don’t do ‘80s disco, you should be fine!

Attire to Avoid

Casinos are becoming more lenient about the dress codes at their establishments. However, despite their slack rules, there are certain items of apparel you must never wear in a casino.

For instance, flip-flops and sandals are an absolute no-no. This footwear is designed for a relaxed environment, and believe us; a casino is anything but. The environment in a casino is alive and thriving!

So, while you’re at it, avoid sneakers too. Though they may be pricey, you will feel underdressed. More so if you pair it with torn jeans or gym clothes, and it can be off-putting. It is very tempting to go right to the casino from the hotel pool while on a luxury vacation. So, what is casino policy on swimsuits, trunks, and bikinis? You can expect to be stopped at the entrance.

We’ve covered casual clothing, but did you know there are formal pieces of apparel that today’s casinos frown upon? 

Anyone attempting to play while wearing gloves may be denied entry due to the glove’s ability to disguise a playing card. Casinos will usually insist that customers remove them. Players are also requested to avoid clothes with derogatory emblems or statements. You may be denied entry until you change your clothes. The gift shop provides a good, quick replacement but don’t expect to get anything to blend in to play casino games. 

Despite the fact that fashion standards have loosened greatly in the last 50 years, there are still some rules in place. Finally, while a casino may have a more relaxed dress code, it is crucial to note that a casino's ambiance varies from day to night, so if you plan on playing after the sun goes down, you should probably dress up and leave the jeans at home.

Casino fashion has evolved tremendously since its inception. Three-pointed caps and leather vests are a thing of the past. Today's casino attire is more susceptible to change and reliant on the casino's dress code. With rigorous dress requirements, historical casino fashion can provide inspiration. It's not uncommon to discover inspiration for fresh and original ways to show oneself by returning to more traditional modes of dressing.

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