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Clifford Clemens

Clifford Clemens is menswear influencer for neapolitan style, the men's classic wardrobe coming from Naples. There are just a few men who make that much effort like I do. Bringing Naples' traditional tailoring culture to Germany by supporting the so called „Sartorias“ where the tailors do their work for several family generations. All over the world they are appreciated, because of their 100% handmade production, no industrial process. This is what makes the Sartorias that unique.

For me everything started with wearing elegant clothes and uploading my outfits in social medias. I just did this over months and received a quite good feedback from very well dressed men. Some day I began to feel a strong interest for the Italian style and finally I decided to determine that I want to create a completely handcrafted bespoke wardrobe by Italian tailors from Naples. In January 2016 when I was the first time in my life in this great city I visited certain Sartorias and began to make cooperations to fulfil my idea: bringing the tailoring culture to my country. Soon I will release a lovely small online shop called „SprezzaColonia“ and I am sure this could be very successful.

In the end I am only a man who has a strong passion for things that are made with love. I don't want to support commercial stuff that is quite unpersonal, so all I do is making strong for my attitude.

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The art of 'sprezzatura'

The art of 'sprezzatura'

There it is again, the word 'sprezzatura', often associated with the Italian Gentleman-scene. 'Sprezzatura' is an idea coming from the Italian Renaissance. It explains an attitude of nonchalance in order to cope with the day very effortlessly. This 'sprezzatura' which is lived up by plenty of Italian gentlemen, fascinates an always growing community.