7 Tips for Starting Your Own Fashion Brand in France

France is home to some of the biggest fashion houses in the world. There is something so uniquely stylish about French culture that it comes as no surprise that this beautiful country is as famous for its clothing as it is for its accent.

7 Tips for Starting Your Own Fashion Brand in France
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Back in the day, opening a fashion brand in France was only for the tough and adaptive, but these days, with online stores being as popular as they are, it could be the perfect business opportunity for you. If you have Chanel-sized aspirations and want to break into the French world of fashion, here are seven tips to help you get started:


You may have noticed that the most-esteemed fashion brands in the world have a specific audience that they cater to. Not only that, but they also generally stick to no more than two subcategories of product offerings like shoes, clothing, perfume, and accessories. Some brands try and offer all four of those, but they do not always succeed. For example, one of the biggest shoe brands in the world is still struggling to establish themselves as a perfume brand as well. The takeaway here is to focus on selling what you love, what is commercially viable, and what your market will buy.


Opening an outlet in the beautiful high streets of Paris might be a little too aspirational for a young brand, but it would certainly be iconic – and expensive. France is packed with gorgeous cities and villages, most of which are as picturesque as the next. When searching for the perfect place to open your store, if you intend on opening a brick-and-mortar one, look for a place with impressive internet speeds and easy access to local amenities and transport links.


Market research and competitive analysis in the fashion industry is essential. The clothing industry is highly competitive, so going toe to toe with world-renowned names is a formidable challenge. Research the competitors in your area, not just from a customer perspective but an employee’s one as well. Finding and retaining the best staff to manage and run your clothing line is critical to establishing and maintaining a world-class fashion brand in the heart of fashion country. Offer your employees benefits to working for you, such as health insurance in France – not only will that attract the best team, it will keep them looked after too.


Branding a fashion brand is everything. Your brand strategy needs to be so well-defined that nothing can stop your business from standing out and gaining a critical edge over your competitors. France is synonymous with fashion, so your brand needs to differentiate itself from its competitors right from the start. Your brand should represent the overall image and personality that you want your clothing business to have. Brand elements to consider include brand name, logo, overall aesthetic, and intended brand message. Will your clothing line fight for a place at the top or not?


Fashionistas, influencers, and high-value shoppers all have one thing in common – they love to attend premium events. Think along the lines of DJ’s, canapes, and flowing champagne. After all, when in Rome, right (or, in this case – France)? Planning an event like this takes time, money, energy, and – most importantly, creativity! To get the most out of your launch event, start planning it months in advance and focus on doing something in the warmer months. Most people are naturally happier in spring and summer.


The rise of social media and, subsequently, online influencers has transformed the fashion landscape forever. Developing a cult following is so much easier when you follow the correct channels. Brand recognition and growth are vital for all brands, but for fashion brands, it is non-negotiable. For fashion, it is not about service or functionality as much as it is about perceived value. Perceived value can be anything from saving money to enhancing social status. A fashion brand needs top-tier influencers to create a perceived value of success, status, and refined taste - and associate those qualities with that line of clothing.


Networking establishes and builds key relations between contacts in any industry, but this is particularly important in the world of fashion. You need to know the who’s who and schmooze the right people, at the right time, and in the right place. It’s that trifecta of networking that will help you charm all the best influencers, suppliers, and advertisers to get your brand off the ground.

To be at the top of the fashion world takes courage and determination, not to mention a heap of out-of-the-box thinking and the greatest team in the world to drive the dream home! By following these seven tips above, you can put your best foot forward and disrupt the fashion industry in France in the best way possible.

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