Casino Eyewear Highlights: From Affordable Budget to Stylish Luxe Frames

Casino Eyewear aims to offer stylish, affordable designs in a range of styles, from ultra-contemporary to traditional. Check out the Casino Budget and Casino Plus collections to find the perfect pair of glasses to suit your style - and your budget!

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Highlights from the Casino Budget Range

Looking for a highly customizable pair of glasses that won’t break the bank? Consider one of these models from the Casino Budget range.

Casino Budget A-126

In a minimalist style with thin, silver-colored oval-shaped frames, this model features spring hinges and adjustable nose pads. You can choose from a range of armbar colors, including copper, pink, light blue, and bronze, to best suit your skin tone and style preferences.

Do you need prescription glasses? It’s no problem: like the other options listed below, these specs can be fitted with reading, single-vision lenses, as well as progressive, bifocal, or trifocal lenses. The oval-shaped frame means that these glasses are likely to look best on those with angular faces, such as square or rectangular.

And the cost? You’ll pay in the region of $76 for frames from the Casino Budget range.

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Casino Budget Alice

Looking for something a little more striking? How about these rectangular-shaped, chunky, semi-translucent frames from the Casino Budget range? With a nod to this season’s on-trend clear frame look, the Alice frames incorporate a hint of yellow and purple, too, to add a subtle pop of color.

Rectangular-shaped frames typically look most flattering on those with round, oval, and heart-shaped faces. If you find that you struggle to pull off chunky frames, the translucent nature of this option means you may be happily surprised.

Casino Budget CB1030

These Clubmaster-style frames are available in a range of sizes, meaning you can get the perfect comfortable, secure fit for your needs. You can select from a choice of colors, too, including matte black, matte brown, shiny gold, and shiny gray.

This model features a distinctive double bridge and thin metal frames, making it a more subtle take on the ‘regular’ Clubmaster style. The geometric lines mean these specs will likely look best on those with round, oval, and heart-shaped faces.

Standouts from the Casino Plus Range

And if you’ve got a little more of a budget? Consider one of these options from the Casino Plus range, which are made with layered acetates and stainless steel. As with the budget collection, these specs can be fitted with a variety of corrective lenses, including progressive.

Casino Anne

These square-shaped frames feature a hint of the cat eye at the corners, meaning they’re highly versatile - they’ll suit most face shapes and are available in blue, pink, and black.

Wondering which frame color will best suit you? In general, if you’ve got a warm skin tone, you’ll be best plumping for the frames in blue, and if you’ve got cool-toned skin, consider the black or pink options. You’ll pay around $95 for this model in the Casino Plus collection.

Casino Jasper

With a sleek, metallic frame, the Jasper is a style cut above and is great for those seeking a smart, stylish, timeless design - the incorporated nose pads add to the frame’s slick outline. The color options are classy, too: navy, charcoal, and tortoise.

Those with round, oval, or heart-shaped faces are likely to look best in these frames, which offer both durability and years of stylish wear. The Jasper model will set you back around $100.

Casino Callie

If you’re in the market for a pair of cat eye glasses, this option from the Casino Plus range may be just what you’re looking for. They incorporate a spring hinge and semi-transparent armbars, and you get a choice of three frame colors: tortoise, ocean, and purple.

Cat eye specs have never gone far out of fashion since they first emerged in the 1950s - they received a boost this year following the shape's incorporation in a plethora of catwalk collections, not to mention their appearance in the Barbie movie. If you want a frame shape that’ll stand the test of time, the cat eye is a great choice.

Casino Eyewear: The Takeaway

Check out Casino Eyewear’s Budget and Plus collections to view a wide range of glasses in a variety of styles, from accessible, fashion-forward models to luxe vintage-look and classic options. With something to suit all budgets and aesthetic preferences, you’re sure to find your next perfect pair of specs - and at a price that may happily surprise you.

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