The best outfits to wear for games nights

Heading for a big games night out? Yes, it’s an exciting prospect – but don’t forget one of the big decisions you have to make that will influence how you feel for the whole evening… what to wear!

Dress Code
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You could be on the way to a poker session, a group game of online slots or directly going to a bricks-and-mortar casino, but what you wear for your games night is really important. Here’s why:

Respect the Dress Code

Some casinos and private poker games may have dress codes. Dressing appropriately will show respect for the venue, the host – and the other players. And if you violate these dress codes it may result in you not being allowed to participate.

Psychological Edge

Also dressing well can give you a useful psychological boost. When you feel more confident and well put-together, you may play with more self-assurance. This could potentially improve your decision-making skills and performance in games. Dress to win!

Social Atmosphere

Games nights are often social events where you interact with others. Dressing appropriately can help you feel more comfortable and confident in these social situations, fostering better interactions with your fellow players.

What you wear can influence the first impression you make on the other players. A neat and appropriate outfit can help you start the evening on the right foot. If you're participating in a more serious poker game or tournament, dressing professionally can signal to other players that you take the game seriously and are committed to fair play. They may even think you are better than you are! And whatever you wear, it's essential to consider the comfort and functionality. Wear clothes that allow you to sit and move comfortably during long gaming sessions.

What are the best outfits for games nights?

The best clothing and accessories to wear for games nights, including poker sessions or casino table games, can vary depending on the venue. Take note of the level of formality and combine it with your personal style. Here are some general outfit ideas for both men and women:

For men:

Smart Casual
Opt for a well-fitted button-down shirt or a polo shirt and pair it with smart trousers or well-fitted jeans. Always choose clean, non-sporty shoes like loafers or leather sneakers.

Business Casual
For more formal events go for the more traditional look. Try a dress shirt or at least a smart cotton shirt, with a tie to build your outfit around. Team them with smart trousers, maybe from a suit, or very nice quality chinos. Then set the outfit off with clean leather shoes.

If it’s an informal gathering you have more leeway. A clean T-shirt or casual shirt could be paired with something comfortable, like clean jeans or khaki trousers.
Comfortable sneakers or casual shoes could complete the relaxed look.

It’s a great time to wear a smart wristwatch. And how about a cotton handkerchief? For something different think about wearing a sports jacket or blazer for a more polished and stylish look.

For Women

Smart Casual
Start with a blouse or a dressy top. That you feel comfortable in. Pair that with sleek slacks, a smart skirt, or very well-fitted jeans – if you have the figure.
For shoes with that sort of outfit, choose simple flats, low heels, or your most stylish sneakers.

Business Casual
For more formal events opt for a tailored blouse and slacks or a skirt. Pay attention to complementary colours.
Shoes? Go for closed-toe heels or your most dressy flats.

If it’s more of an informal gathering you can relax a little. Why not choose a simple look? Start with a clean T-shirt or a casual top. Then see how that goes with neat jeans, shorts, or a comfortable skirt. You’ll be able to get away with casual shoes, sandals, or sneakers with that outfit.

Don’t overdo it. Even the smartest game night only requires some simple jewelry, like earrings and a bracelet. But don’t forget a handbag or clutch for convenience. And to carry all your winnings home afterwards of course.

Remember that the specifics of what to wear for a games night can depend on the venue, the level of the event's formality, and any dress codes that may be in place.
Unsure? It's always a good idea to check with the host or the venue for any specific guidelines regarding attire for the evening.

Your personal comfort is essential. Don’t be a slave to style. Choose clothing that allows you to sit and move comfortably for extended periods. Think how you may be engaged in lengthy gaming sessions throughout the evening. Ultimately, the goal of any outfit is to feel confident and relaxed in what you're wearing – while respecting the event's atmosphere and expectations.

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