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When a good watchmaker and a good designer collaborate on a watch, the result is great. But when Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei started their company, they brought the future of watches to this century. Urwerk was founded in 1997 and since then, they have produced extraordinary timepieces. Baumgartner and Frei brought the future of watches to this century. 


Urwerk timepieces have been described as “innovative, avant-garde, and futuristic”. The company combines the latest technological advancements with traditional watchmaking techniques to the excitement of watch lovers and collectors alike. Urwerk timepieces are also popular in pop culture as can be seen with Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr ) in Ironman movies. 

What does Urwerk offer?

Urwerk is a luxury watchmaking company that focuses on defying the norms and boldly going where no one has ever gone. Urwerk has four collections of luxury timepieces and each of these collections has its special features. The collection includes UR satellite, UR chronometry, UR Special Projects, and historical pieces. 


The timepieces under this collection include the UR-100, UR-105, UR-106, and UR-220. The UR-100 has several mouthwatering variations. The original UR-100 has two futuristic qualities. It has a complication that displays the distance traveled by that wearer in kilometers and it also shows the earth's rotation in outer space.

Urwerk UR-210 timepiece has a complication that is beautiful as well as health-conscious. The timepiece has a reserve indicator that goes red if the wearer is not moving about enough. This timepiece also resembles a spaceship in design. 

Another interesting timepiece in the UR-Satellite collection is the UR-100 Electrum Limited Edition. The watch shows hours, minutes, seconds, wane, and the earth's rotation and revolution around the sun in 20 minutes.


The UR-Chronometry has three main timepieces: the AMC, EMC, and EMC Timehunter. The EMC Timehunter shows both the precision and amplitude of the watch. This luxury timepiece looks like something out of a Star Trek movie and it is equipped with Sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating. The EMC Timehunter has four variations: EMC Timehunter X Ray, EmC Timehunter Sand, EMC Timehunter Ceramic, and the original Timehunter.

UR-Special Projects

This collection is packed with sensational luxury timepieces such as UR-111C, UR-12, UR-1001, UR-CC1, and UR-T8. The UR-CC1 has an interesting design and the timepiece displays time in a straight display similar to the old dashboard display in automobiles. The hour and minute are shown on a straight line. The two variations of UR-CC1 are White Gold and Altin. The UR-Special Project timepieces do not follow conventional watchmaking displays.

Historical Pieces

All the timepieces under this collection have a special history that led to their creation. For example, the Opus 5 was launched in 2005 in partnership with Harry Winston and it is one of the most glamorous luxury timepieces ever made. The Opus 5 has two variations: Titanium and Red Gold. Other timepieces in this collection include UR-103, Onlywatch, UR-110, UR-202, and C3H5N3O9. 

Whether you’re getting nivito luxury gold faucet or luxury watches, it is important to research extensively on what you want in a watch. But when it comes to quality, Urwerk is your go-to watchmaker. 

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