The Surprising Benefits of Being Fashionable

It turns out there’s more to dressing well than meets the eye. From a better self-image to a shift in the way the world perceives you, here are some of the reasons why upping your personal might be helpful for you.

The Surprising Benefits of Being Fashionable
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Indirect health benefits
Good quality clothing is often made from material that is comfier and better for your skin. Cotton and linen are more breathable than synthetic fabrics because it allows air to circulate better. When it’s hot, this is likely to make you feel more comfortable and less sweaty, especially if you have sensitive skin. And when you feel like this, it’s much easier to step into the most self-confident you, which can then help with general mental health.

Some high-end clothes also include silk, a luxurious material that feels kind on the skin. In winter, silk can be a great base layer because it helps retain heat. Yet its lightweight, breathable quality also makes it a great choice for loose-fitting tops and dresses in summer. The way you layer clothing can certainly affect how you feel all around the year, which is why it’s a good idea to invest in quality underwear. For example, a luxury bra that fits well can make you feel so much more comfortable throughout the day, both physically and mentally.

“Dopamine dressing”
Is there any truth to the recently coined term “dopamine dressing”? Yes, the general consensus backs this up. Karen Pine, from the University of Hertfordshire’s psychology department, found that what you wear can be mind-altering. Senior therapist Sally Baker also explains: ‘Whenever you think positively about yourself or experience a positive mood, then dopamine and serotonin – the feel-good hormones – are released into your brain and you experience an emotional lift.’

Perception of status
The way you dress is all part of the signals you send to help others form a first impression of you, whether you are aware of it or not. So it pays to put some thought into your outfit, especially in the workplace or at social functions. The best way to start dressing for these considerations is by investing in a few smart, tailored staple pieces, like basic white blouses and work trousers. It can change your own perception of yourself, also. Dressing well for work even if you’re not a senior member of staff can help with your career, too. Research has shown that managers promote people they see as similar to them. Other research has shown that employees feel more confident and even perform better when they’re dressed to impress. Find fashionable clothes that match your style on The Reset.

Extend this concept to your casual wear too with a few neutral, stylish tops. Satin-coloured garments also look opulent and flattering. If you wear jeans, opting for a darker wash will help you strike that smart-casual balance you’re looking for. You’ll undoubtedly have different clothes for different occasions. But when you’re shopping around, always apply the same principles. Ask yourself if the garment fits well, if it’s comfortable, if it’s flattering and if the material is long-lasting and temperature-regulating. You don’t necessarily need a lot of clothes. A capsule wardrobe, with a few investment pieces you can mix and match is all you need to achieve your personal style goals.

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