The History of Creating Perfume

The art of perfume creation goes back thousands of years, and a lot has changed over this time. From the days when perfumes were used predominantly for cleanliness and hygiene to now when there has never been more choice in the fragrance industry, read on to find out all about the history of creating perfume. Plus, discover what the future holds for perfume-making.

The History of Creating Perfume

When was perfume first invented?
It is believed that perfume was first invented sometime during the second millennium BC by a woman chemist called Tapputi. She distilled flowers, oils, and calamus with other aromatics and then filtered them before placing them back in a still. Primary sources of this have been found, including stories written on clay tablets from Mesopotamia. From here, perfume became highly important in Egyptian high society, with great leaders such as Queen Cleopatra and Queen Hatshepsut using fragrances to scent their bodies and bathe in. Ancient Persians were also enamored with fragrance, and they ruled the perfume trade for hundreds of years. Persian kings often had their own signature scents to showcase their wealth and nobility.

How was perfume originally made?
Perfume was originally made using natural ingredients such as wood, bark, roots, and leaves. Later on, a Persian chemist called Ibn Sina experimented with the process of extracting oils from flowers using the process of distillation, most notably from rose petals, which proved to be very popular due to their delicate scent.

The early uses of perfume              
As mentioned briefly above, perfume has not always been used just to make people smell a certain way. In ancient cultures, most perfume was used in rituals including burial practices. Perfumes were also used for purification purposes. For example, the ancient Chinese used perfumes to purify the air and help prevent diseases. Doctors even used perfume to treat infections and combat mental health disorders. Other early uses of perfume include combating the signs of aging and to enhance beauty.

Perfume in the modern world
Today, perfumes are used by millions of people from all walks of life. You can find luxury perfumes, supermarket perfumes, celebrity perfumes, and fragrance dupes that are designed to smell the same as designer perfumes but are available at a fraction of the cost. You can buy perfumes in so many more places than you used to be able to, such as at your local grocery store and online. You can also buy wholesale womens fragrances which offer a much more affordable way to buy perfumes in bulk for yourself or for your business. The price of perfume has also changed considerably, with options for all budgets. In fact, discount perfumes have never been more popular, as fragrance suppliers have worked hard to up their game and create low-cost, high-quality scents.

The intoxicating world of fragrance creation has come a long way over the years, with new ways of extracting, distilling, and bottling perfumes and colognes. What was once a product for the rich only has now become widely available for all, enabling people from all walks of life to enjoy the beautiful aromas of luxury fragrances.

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