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Thought to be worth a staggering $1.7 trillion, the fashion industry is a hugely lucrative market, and each new season brings with it a fresh set of trends and styles that have people scrambling to update their wardrobes. The winter season is no different, with the added opportunity to layer up and make use of warm accessories and headwear that wouldn’t work during warmer months.

However, in such a competitive arena, it can be hard to find pieces that make you stand out from the crowd when everyone else is trying to do the same. We explore some foolproof hacks to give your style a unique twist and help your personality shine through your outfits.

Puffer Jacket

Modern Twists

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel in order to look great in what you wear. A tried and tested method of looking fresh is to take a timeless piece and style it in a new way.

Puffer jackets are a great example, having been in and out of fashion – mostly in – since at least the 80s and they don’t appear to be going away any time soon. Usually worn in muted or monochromatic tones, a simple way to update the look is to choose a puffer jacket constructed in modern materials.

Think metallic blues and reds, emblazoned logos, and color gradients. You can also experiment with the length of garment, from a boxy waist length jacket to thigh-length overcoats, and detachable hoods make sure you’re ready for anything the weather might throw at you.

Puffers are statement pieces all of their own so styling them is a breeze. You can pair them with your favorite jeans and sneakers or chunky leather winter boots.


The colder months are the perfect opportunity to embellish any style with a number of accessories. Beyond your favorite pair of sliders, no accessory is off limits, especially a head turning pair of sunglasses.

The winter sun can be particularly bright and harsh, and UV levels in some areas don't drop much – it’s even recommended to maintain the use of sun protection throughout winter – so the use of sunglasses is perfectly justified. Also snow on the ground reflects sunlight up into your eyes if you happen to live somewhere that sees snowfall and, especially with polarized lenses, shades will improve visibility.

From a stylistic point of view, sunglasses make a big impact juxtaposed against chunky knitwear or thick winter coats and can help to achieve a tech-wear/cyberpunk or refined outdoorsy aesthetic equally easily. More angular, modern takes on acetate framed classics like Wayfarers are all the rage and think about opting for a tinted lens for extra points.

Watches also present another chance to make a statement. Winter watches tend to fall into one of two categories: a chunky metal mariner style or a tech forward sports watch, ready for any activity. The new wave of smartwatches can often be customized with your own choice of strap or faceplate to match your style.

Bold Colorways

The idea of fall often conjures images of sepias and beiges but you needn’t blend into the crowds with your choice of colors. Take the dreary weather as an opportunity to choose some statement pieces that really pop.

A solitary fluoro garment on an otherwise monochromatic outfit is the easiest way to go; it screams self-assuredness and can be a real expression of style. If luminous yellows and greens are too much, you can always turn down the volume knob a few clicks and choose a wool scarf in a warm shade of orange, a mustard yellow cable-knit sweater or a deep emerald rollneck.

Try and avoid becoming a carbon copy of your fashion inspirations. Clothes should be a statement of our character and reflect our personalities so take every opportunity to let yours shine. Once you find your own style and start to build on your looks, you’ll find your confidence grows along with your collection.

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