6 Fashion Tips for Your Dog

If you want your dog to look its best, it takes a little planning. But with the right accessories (and even doggy clothing), little Fido can steal the show. Heck, your pup might even look trendier than you!

6 of Our Best Doggy Fashion Tips

Try These 6 Doggy Fashion Tips

Dogs already have some pretty awesome and unique natural coats from birth, but you can give them even better style by occasionally dressing them up and accessorizing. 

Here are several tips:

1. Get Proper Fitting Clothing

If you’re going to adorn your pup with coats, sweaters, shirts, or hats, make sure you’re buying the proper fit. For best results, take your dog’s measurements using a tape measure. Wrap it around the head, neck, and chest and include enough space to insert two fingers prior to recording a final measurement. This gives some extra wiggle room so that your dog is able to move around comfortably. It also prevents clothing from rubbing in highly sensitive spots.

2. Choose Fun Collars

You can choose a boring collar, or you can make your dog’s collar a fashion statement. Not sure where to find something that fits your pup’s personality? Homes Alive has some cute and trendy dog collar options, as well as a great selection of safety colors with reflective strips, lights, and glow in the dark features. 

3. Try Pops of Color

The loudest or most insane outfit doesn’t always look the best. If your goal is to give your dog an extra dash of cuteness, try adding a simple pop of color in the form of a collar, bow, or headband. This is often enough to give your dog a unique sense of style.

4. Avoid Small Trinkets

Take a walk down the aisles of your local pet store and you’ll see all kinds of crazy costumes, accessories, and trinkets for pups. These can be a lot of fun to look at and have a few laughs, but they’re not always great for your dog to wear.

Bedazzled jewels, bells, and bows may be cute (or even hilariously tacky), but they can become choking hazards for dogs. They can also cause friction and wear on sensitive parts of the body. And in very unfortunate instances, the trinkets may catch on things as they walk by and put your dog at risk.

5. Take His Coat Into Account

One of the biggest concerns with dogs and clothing is the issue of overheating. And while this isn’t a problem for every breed, it’s something to consider if your dog has an undercoat.

“Some dogs, like Chihuahuas, don’t have much in the way of fur to protect them from the cold and can actually benefit greatly from a snazzy sweater,” The Honest Kitchen mentions. “Others, like fluffy Huskies, have more than enough fur on them to keep them warm. Placing them in a sweater, even when there’s snow on the ground, can cause them to become overheated.”

Make sure you know your dog and are familiar with his coat type and basic physiology. This will ensure you make wise decisions that keep your dog safe and warm (but not overheated).

6. Preserve Your Dog’s Senses

In addition to thinking about your dog’s coat and the current temperature and weather conditions, don’t forget to preserve your dog’s senses.

Your dog is going to be most comfortable when all of his senses are intact. He relies on his sight, smell, and hearing to collect information and navigate the world around him. If any of these senses are hindered, he could become anxious. Even worse, it could prevent him from being alert and safe.

To keep your dog safe and comfortable, avoid clothing and costumes that cover the mouth, nose, and ears. It’s also smart to leave the tail free and unrestricted. 

Does Your Dog Enjoy Being Fashionable?

As dog owners, it’s easy to get caught up in what we find trendy and fashionable. And if we aren’t careful, we can end up putting our dogs through a lot of unintentional stress and frustration just so that we can get that perfect Instagram picture. 

Observe your dog and pay attention to how it responds when you dress it with clothing and accessories. Does he seem happy and excited? Or does he cower and squirm to get away from you? Remember that your dog doesn’t have its own voice. So if you notice signs of discomfort and anxiety, listen. For more dog grooming tips, visit https://petdt.com/

Some dogs really do enjoy being fashionable. Others absolutely can’t stand clothing and accessories. It’s up to you to make sure your puppy is happy, healthy, and – preferences permitting – stylish!

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