How Fashion-Forward Designers Has Utilized PPEs in Their Creations

For the longest time now, fashion has been among the core requirements of the human lifestyle. However, the current pandemic has taken a big toll on the fashion industry, with its main concern diminished globally.

For most people going out to the social gathering, wearing good clothes is not a priority anymore. Plus, with the lockdowns, work-from-home scenarios, and restrictions in some public gatherings, there is less need for fashionable apparel.


Basically, the only apparel in demand now is PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), as it is regarded as a protective gear to safeguard your health and that of other people. According to RWW Group, the global health PPE has saved more than 500,000 people in the fashion industry, and the apparel is still in demand.

This growth in demand has led some designers and brands towards a drawing board to design different options, which infuse the ideas of PPE bodysuits with those of fashion.

Designers of Tomorrow

The fashion sector is projected to change in the next five years. Globalization, consolidation, and computerization are the main disruptions of today and may continue to be so as they change and morph. Fashion designers are naturally at the forefront of those disruptions.

Today, a new dichotomy existing between technicians and designers lies at the heart of various issues surrounding different designing roles. Fashion designers now occupy a space between merchandiser and technician, which is a skill-set and framework imposed by a demanding/competitive marketplace.

Collaboration also extends beyond the enterprise. Development teams and designers should share details in real-time with suppliers and partners.

Getting Locally and Stylish Made PPEs

Add PPE gear to your closet must-have as the new normal calls for maximum protection. As you venture into the community quarantine, some establishments, workplaces, and industries need the use of PPEs and face masks.

For some people, it is personal as it adds another layer of protection for errands, daily activities, and grocery runs.

As the supply of PPEs decreases because of the demand of the global pandemic, the fashion designers stepped up to create more pieces for health healthcare teams and frontliners.

Fashions Brands and PPEs

The Covid-19 has infected more than 4 million people and claimed around 244,000 lives globally. The lack of PPEs that healthcare workers use is among the challenges they experience. In fact, WHO (World Health Organization) requests different countries to make more PPEs. In countries like Australia, healthcare professionals are at great risk. Many private healthcare centers use around 13 PPE suits for just one Covid-19 patient.

Many individuals are trying to help by raising money to fund more PPEs. However, most manufacturers are unable to keep up with this demand. Fortunately, fashion communities are stepping up to handle the situation. These fashion communities consist of:

- Ordinary citizens

- Garment and textile workers

- Artisans

- Designers

In a Nutshell!

With runway shows canceled, global supply chains interrupted, and stores closed, many fashion industries are rendered idle by the global pandemic, Covid-19.
Luckily, fashion conglomerates, designers, and luxury labels have started stepping up to overcome shortages of PPE and face masks.

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