4 Subtle Ways to Personalise Your Wardrobe

Fashion can be a fun way of visually expressing yourself. However, it can be difficult to balance  making your outfit personal to you, while also keeping it trendy and fashionable. Accessories can therefore be a great, more understated way of adding a custom component to your outfit. Here are just a few ones you can try yourself.


The sheer amount of bags on offer today mean that they are an easy way to transform your look into something that is totally you. Aside from being trendy, they are also useful, as well, so you won’t need to sacrifice practicality for the sake of being fashionable. Crossbody bags are particularly popular at the moment. A statement one can therefore be a great way of customising your look, while retaining a sleek, modern motif. Tote bags are also becoming a more common find in many peoples’ wardrobes, too, and can be the perfect complement to more down-to-earth looks. They also come in a wide range of designs to match your personality, and are nowadays increasingly made using sustainable materials, such as hemp or straw.

If you have to wear glasses, you might tend to think they are more of a necessity than a way of expressing your style. However, with the amount of people requiring prescription glasses exponentially increasing, there are suddenly a huge range of different specs styles which can allow you to subtly add another layer to your look. By bringing extra focus onto your eyes, glasses frames can make your face look noticeably younger, as well.

As a result of the wide range of glasses now on offer, there’s something available to suit any style or taste. Spherical, aviator, and tortoise shell glasses, for example, are a consistently popular choice, and can be an ideal complement to a sleek, sophisticated outfit. Elsewhere, floral, or brightly coloured frames, can be the perfect exclamation point to a colourful summer festival outfit.

You may have previously considered belts as a practical necessity for your outfits, rather than a way of expressing your style or personality. Yet, arguably the fact that they are understated makes them a subtle way of augmenting the statement of your look. Consider how the material and style of the belt complement the clothes you are wearing the belt on top of. Woven belts, as an example, can be used to augment a rustic, hippy-style outfit. Meanwhile, you could even use colourfully patterned belts which contrast the colour of the rest of your look. This will really make the belt pop, as contrasting colours often tend to complement each other very well. If you really want to experiment with this accessory, you can even purchase custom belt buckles. You should make sure, however, that any accessory you use does not detract or draw any attention away from the rest of your outfit.

Depending on the type of look you’re going for, you may also consider adding a hat to add an extra element of personalisation to it. The visual effects on your face caused by the shadows made by different hats can also be interesting to experiment with. When considering which style of hat to go for, think about what type of effect you want to create. Baseball caps, for example, are currently seeing a rise in popularity, as they can make an outfit feel more down-to-earth. As far as personalisation goes, you can even print custom designs on them. Straw hats, meanwhile, can help make your look stand out, if you’re going for a more rural theme.

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