Embrace Your Irish Roots By Incorporating Some Celtic Styles

If you love your Irish heritage then it makes sense that you would want to incorporate those roots into your personal style. You can accentuate those freckles and ivory skin with the right clothing and even Irish earrings.

Celtic Weave Earrings
Celtic Weave Earrings


Lately fashion has become so international that it is hard to put a place to the style. Which is why it will go over so well if you add some Irish accent to your wardrobe and overall look. For your hat to your shoes, there is a way to make it more Irish and more your own style.

In this article, I will give you some ideas on just how you can give yourself an Irish makeover.

Get the patterns right

One of the things that makes Irish style so distinct is the use of patterns. The Celtic knot presents itself throughout much of Irish life from the weather pattern to the jewelry. For instance, Aran sweaters are imbued with tradition in every stitch due to the symbolism of the patterns they use.

If you incorporate those patterns into your wardrobe then you are already making a statement about your Irish roots. Those patterns work not only in sweaters, but also shawls, skirts and hats.

Choose patterns such as honeycomb to let people know that you’re hardworking. Cable knots work to bestow safety upon the wearer. It is fun to play with the subtle messages given off by the patterns.

Use the right colors

Everybody knows that you have to wear green when you are trying to show off your Irish roots. But, it can’t be just green all over. You’ll need to add other classic Irish colors that go with it.

For instance, ivory is essential in Irish style so you can pair it with your green. To not overdo things, consider using green as the accent with ivory being the primary color in your outfit. Wearing a green hat or shawl with your ivory sweater is a good way to go.

Slate blue and slate grey will work very well for a dress or sweater for when you aren’t sporting green. These colors evoke the stones that are dotting the countryside in the fields as well as the slate roofs of the cottages.

Wear some jewelry

When you think of those Aran sweaters or shawls, then you no doubt also envision a brooch with them. No irish outfit would be complete without the Celtic knot or Irish rose pattern brooch to hold your shawl together.

And of course, there is the ever present claddagh ring. Be careful with the ring, however, as the way it is worn will send off a certain message. If you wear it on the right ring finger with the heart facing the finger then it means you’re single. If the crown is facing out then you are committed to somebody. When you’re engaged it is worn on the left hand with the heart facing out. When you’re married the crown faces out.

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