Sandals With Socks: Anti-Trends That Are Mainstream Now

Sandals and socks
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You might remember times when people were laughing and mocking at those who put sandals and socks together. Yes, several years ago, it was still a huge no and the main sign of a vicious taste. Only tourists from Europe in their 60s and some rebellious characters could afford to wear such a combination. However, as we all know – you should never say, "Never." A forbidden thing now may reach incredible heights in the future, and one of the biggest anti-trends has proved that. Young people who study not just reviews but also fashion magazines can tell you everything about vogue and what clothes can be combined. Here one rule always works out – if fashionistas and fashion designers have said that it is cool, there is no doubt it is really so.

What celebs think about that?
It wasn't hard to notice that this year is weird from all possible sides, so the popularization of an anti-trend has become its "harmonious" part. When Lanvin, Dior Homme, and Louis Vuitton suggested combining open shoes and socks, people were really impressed. However, fashion houses use the contrast of these wardrobe elements, getting bold and provocative results. Versace combines brightly colored gladiator-like sandals with white socks. Burberry Prorsum is sure that open shoes are a suitable option for cool weather if you wear them with warm socks. And since celebs wear socks and sandals here and there, this anti-trend has all chances to become mainstream. Nowadays, they say socks and sandals look terrible only if you don't know how to combine them. And while fashion critics limit the fashion world, designers create things that overcome all these artificial limitations.

How to fit this new trend into the image?
Many people cannot imagine a sunny season without sandals since they are comfortable and easily fit into almost any image. Indeed, it is convenient to walk around the city, wearing sandals, not to mention all other opportunities when you can put them on. This year, sandals with wide straps hit the top trends: you've probably come across a quilted, seemingly orthopedic pair by Chanel on every blogger. Similar models made of leather or textiles can be found both in luxury brands and the mass market. So, it is not surprising that they have decided to add one more "fashionable" element and fit them into various images. If you don't have time to get the hang of fashion trends, spend ten minutes reading essayservice reviews and find a way out.

1. A romantic dress
One of the key principles of stylization is combining things from two opposing visual aesthetics. In this case, rough sandals with light socks can be combined with a feminine dress. In the end, you will get an interesting and harmonious image that attracts attention. The dress's length can vary from mini to maxi, but it is better to choose a voluminous silhouette. This will help balance the proportions.

2. A pantsuit
It can be a great option for the office if your work dress code allows open shoes. This option is suitable for both men and women. The main thing here is to choose the right suit: it should have a relaxed cut, be slightly oversized, consist of loose long trousers and a long jacket. This look will work best with a basic T-shirt, but you can also experiment with a loose, oversized shirt.

3. Suit shorts
This option is like the previous one, but it looks less formal. Shorts should also be loose, slightly square, slightly above or conversely, just below the knee (here, you should focus on the legs' length not to distort the body's proportions). A successful combination is with a plain tank top.

4. Maxi-length jeans
If you are going to update your denim wardrobe this season, pay attention to domyessay reviews since they will help find time for a part-time job and shopping. You can choose models with a low or medium waist and straight or wide cut, but they should be of maxi length. Wear them in and out of the city with chunky sandals, plain self-colored socks, crop tops, lingerie-style tops, and fine knit cropped cardigans.

5. Sweatpants
It is the most relaxed option, which is nevertheless quite appropriate in the city. You can dress this way for a walk or evening gatherings with friends. Pay attention to the sweatpants' cut: they should not be skinny, especially in the calf area. You can choose models without fixing elastic bands on the bottom. To make your look as comfortable as possible, complement it with an oversized T-shirt, sports top, or a cozy sweatshirt.

6. A linen shirt and trousers
It is a great weekend look for those who like minimalism and classics. Choose loose-fitting trousers made from a natural material, a relaxed half-open shirt, and solid sandals with light socks. You can experiment with monochrome and choose clothes that match the color of your shoes or socks.

7. Oversized shorts
Oversized shorts are a versatile base for a wardrobe with many options. In the case of chunky sandals, you can opt for sports shorts made of knitwear, denim or nylon (like Prada), or more elegant ones, made of thick silk or cotton. Here you can also combine things from different seasons in one image: put on a long sleeve shirt or a long-sleeved blouse or an oversized sweater with shorts and sandals and thin woolen socks.

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