Sugarbearhair Reviews: Are They Worth It?

Hair vitamins—they're the trend that's sweeping the internet. And at the head of this new craze is the Sugarbearhair line of products. Just chew one little gummy, and boom! You'll instantly have amazing hair! At least, that's what the reviews would have us believe. Do hair vitamins work, though? More importantly, does Sugarbearhair work, specifically? Can Sugarbearhair reviews, positive or negative, be trusted?

If you've been thinking of trying this product out, we're here to separate the facts from the fiction. Here's everything you need to know before you make a purchase. 


What Is Sugarbearhair?

Before we start dissecting this supposed miracle product, let's talk about what it is.

Designed by James Charles, a beauty blogger, and Instagram super-influencer, Sugarbearhair pledges to supply its users with strong, shiny, and luscious hair within just a few days. More than that, though, it provides these results in a simple, one-a-day vitamin. Unlike most vitamins on the market, Sugarbearhair comes exclusively in gummy form. As the brand's name suggests, this gummy is shaped like an adorable little teddy bear. This makes it more aesthetically appealing than any of its competitors. 

The Pros of Sugarbearhair

Sugarbearhair makes a lot of promises, but does it live up to them? Surprisingly, the answer seems to be "yes". A resounding 99% of reviewers on Sugarbearhair's official website report a favorable response. 

Here are the main benefits that customers noticed.

Amazing Hair Growth in Days
Sugarbearhair definitely delivers on its biggest promise. Within as a few as 3 days, users reported significant hair growth. This isn't just a reference to length, either. Although users saw as much as half an inch of hair growth in the traditional sense, they also claimed to see a lot more volume. While many hair and nail growth vitamins focus solely on making the hair longer, Sugarbearhair thickens the hair, too. Given that this is often the underlying issue behind unhealthy hair, this is the best possible news for consumers.

Shiny, Sleek, and Strong
Length and volume aren't the only benefits your hair will reap if you use Sugarbearhair. Users also reported that their hair looked shinier and sleeker within just a week of use. Instead of relying on the constant guess-and-check method of trying new shampoos and conditioners, customers can chew on a Sugarbearhair gummy and get the results they want near-instantly. 
Sugarbearhair users also reported that their hair felt much stronger. The amount and severity of split-ends drastically decreased within a week of use, and the hair was much less likely to shed.  (Check out the Sugarbearhair starter package if you want to see the same amazing results on your own head.)

Delicious Vegetarian Recipe
Sugarbearhair gummies aren't just cute. They're also delicious. As the brand name suggests, they're sweet and juicy. The sweetness is subtle, though, rather than overwhelming, which contributes to customers' claims that the product has a great taste.  Even better, customers who care about the environment will be encouraged by the vegetarian recipe behind Sugarbearhair. These gummies rely on a combination of coconut oil, berry dyes, and berry flavorings to give them that luscious texture and taste that customers are raving about. 

The Cons of Sugarbearhair

No product is perfect. Sugarbearhair has its fair share of negative qualities, and reviewers aren't shy about sharing them. These are the main complaints that Sugarbearhair reviewers noticed. 

A Little Bit Pricy
Like any miracle cure on the market, Sugarbearhair isn't the cheapest chewy you can find. At $29.99, it's one of the more expensive over-the-counter (or, in this case, over-the-internet) vitamins available.  Sugarbearhair's supporters say that the results are well worth the expense. The speed and quality of those results tend to agree. We'll leave it up to you (and your wallet) to decide if it's true for you, too. 

Not All-Natural
Sugarbearhair is vegetarian, but that doesn't mean it's all-natural. In fact, a decent percentage of Sugarbearhair's ingredients are synthetic or manufactured. The biggest offenders, as reported by Good Housekeeping, are pectin, citric acid, sodium citrate, titanium dioxide, and Blue 1 dye. (Read the rest of this article for a full list of Sugarbearhair's ingredients.)
Also, Sugarbearhair contains both glucose syrup and sugar. The brand's marketing team doesn't try to keep this a secret, though. In addition to its sugary-sweet name, Sugarbearhair explicitly describes itself as containing "a dash of sugar".

Unintended Side-Effects 
As with all vitamins and medicines, Sugarbearhair comes with its fair share of side-effects. Most of these side-effects are fairly minor, and the majority of people who've tried Sugarbearhair experienced no issues at all. That said, it's important that you understand the possible risks before you make your first purchase. The main side-effect that Sugarbearhair reviews point out is acne. Although Sugarbearhair is amazing for the hair, about 16% of Amazon reviewers claim that the little gummy vitamins caused serious acne. If you're looking for an all-in-one vitamin that cares for your skin as well as your hair, then, Sugarbearhair might not be the solution. Other users reported even more serious health issues, including thyroid problems and urinary tract infections (UTIs). Doctors are largely unsure of whether these results are directly related to Sugarbearhair vitamins or if they're completely incidental. 

No FDA Rating
On a similar note, Sugarbearhair—just like all vitamins—isn't monitored by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This means that there is no governance about how Sugarbearhair's ingredients are sourced, what those ingredients are, or how the final gummy is created.

The Verdict: Positive Sugarbearhair Reviews Don't Lie

The bottom line is that Sugarbearhair reviews suggest that it does exactly what it promises to do. Take the recommended dose, and you will have gorgeous, selfie-worthy hair in less than a week. It's up to you to decide whether or not the potential side-effects are still worth the instant payoff. 

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