How to Wear Glasses and Look Great Doing So

Did you know that 6 in 10 people wear contact lenses or glasses? While contacts can be wonderful to use, especially while being physically active, sometimes it's nice to mix things up and wear glasses instead. That said, if you don't know how to wear glasses, you can end up feeling silly when you have them on your face. On top of that, they can be quite uncomfortable when worn the wrong way, which can lead to headaches or vision problems. The good news? Knowing how to look good in glasses isn't as difficult as it may seem. As long as you know what types of frames to look for, and how to wear them the right way, you can make glasses work for you and your personal style. 

How to Wear Glasses and Look Great Doing So

In this article, we'll tell you everything you need to know about how to pull off the glasses look. We'll tell you what types of frames to buy, and even how to make them feel more comfortable, so you can wear glasses with confidence.

Choose the Right Frame Size for Your Face
When it comes to looking good in glasses, it's important to start by looking past your glasses and paying closer attention to your face. More specifically, you should take note of your face shape and what glasses look best on people with a similar facial structure. Picking frames that are designed for people with your face shape will help you feel more comfortable and confident while wearing glasses. It will also help make picking out what frames to choose easier, which can be nice if you're overwhelmed by all of the choices available to you. 

Pick Frames That Fit Your Wardrobe
If you want to know how to how to look cute in glasses, you first need to remember that your glasses aren't the only thing that you'll be wearing. Your entire wardrobe plays into how you look and feel, which is why you need to pick glasses that complement the clothes that you already own and wear. A pro tip? Look at the models that wear clothes from the stores that you shop at most. Odds are quite a few of them will be wearing glasses. Pay attention to what style of frames they're wearing in those photos and keep them in mind when purchasing glasses for yourself.

Mix Things up by Using Multiple Frames
Sticking to one type of frame can be difficult, especially if you're someone who likes to mix up your wardrobe. That's why we recommend that, if you can, you purchase multiple frames so you can mix and match with whatever it is that you're wearing that day. If you plan to purchase multiple frames, remember to make sure that all of them fit your face style. Be sure to try them on in the store and make sure they look and feel how you want them to before making a decision.

Get Your Glasses Fitted to Fit You Properly
Believe it or not, it's possible to pick the right frames for your face and still not have them look right because they're not fitted well. Glasses, like everything else that you wear, need to be adjusted in order to fit your face properly and look natural. Need to get your glasses fitted? Ask someone at the store you're purchasing them from to make the adjustments for you. And if you're buying online, or your glasses get bent, don't worry, adjusting them at home yourself is also very easy to do.

Select Glasses That Have Extra Features
Sure, glasses aren't a new luxury car. But there are a ton of unique and useful features that are worth considering, especially if you think they can make your life easier. For example, you've most likely seen glasses with photochromic lenses before. Those are glasses with lenses that darken in sunlight to better protect your eyes from the sun's UV rays. They even make anti glare sunglasses, with a prescription, that you can use when outdoors. Some glasses have special lenses that reduce glare. These can be helpful when driving at nighttime, or even when watching TV, and might be worth investing in. Regardless of what kind of glasses you need, or what features might be helpful for you, it's worth asking about when browsing for frames.

Protect Your Glasses and Keep Them Clean
To piggyback off of that last point, if you wear glasses often, you need to accept that they're going to get bent or damaged over time. Trying to limit that damage, so they can last until it's time to get your prescription changed, is the key. If your glasses do get damaged, take them to your local optometrist's office to get repaired. Also, try to clean them multiple times a day with a soft cloth, that way you can reduce smudges and keep them looking clear.

Still Not Sure How to Wear Glasses the Right Way?
As you can see, knowing how to wear glasses, and looking good while doing so, is rather easy. As long as you pick out frames that fit your face, and your wardrobe, you should be good to go. Taking great care of your frames and keeping them clean will help you look good while wearing glasses, too. So, keep a fiber cloth handy and wipe down those lenses whenever they get smudged.
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