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Studying at university or college, or completing some additional study course, everyone faces the need to complete the assignment of scholarly writing. This can arise panic amid most proficient students of various specialization counting fashion design as well.

There are many points and sides to consider while preparing a scholarly writing work, starting from the proper research process up to formatting or writing an abstract. One should be confident both in personal writing skills and general rules.

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In fact, there are many useful sources to help you with even the most difficult assignments, such as books, guides, articles, and even platforms with professionals to assist you with any task, like Pro-papers.

Yet, no matter whether you get some helpful means or do everything on your own, it is vital to know and understand the main principles and strategies of academic writing.

Types and Essence of Scholarly Writing

Although the style and formatting may be similar ones, different purposes require the usage of different types of scholarly writing. So, one needs to know the types and understand their essence and main peculiarities to write about fashion design with confidence and professionalism.

1. A research proposal - this type main purpose is to present and claim the need to study a certain problem in fashion design or any other field and propose methods and means for the problem studying.

2. A thesis - a complex study and critical analysis of a certain problem, answering a scientific question or hypothesis with evidence gathered and analyzed.

3. A dissertation - in some countries the same as a thesis, a large project, research, and analysis done to respond to the question or proposition, usually a part of undergraduate or postgraduate programs.

4. A journal article - a formally written research article to describe new knowledge or ideas, based on authentic research or analysis.

Once you are given or have chosen the type of scholarly writing and understand its purpose, essence, and peculiarities, you are ready to set to work on your writing project.

Steps and Tips of the Research Process

The fundamental stage of scholarly writing for fashion designers and any other specialists in the research process. It allows you to define the problem or question you are going to study and analyze, collect and process the data, draw conclusions and provide answers.

The research process consists of the following steps:

Formulating the research problem - state your research problem or topic as a question, so that you will know exactly what answers you are looking for, care to fit the parameters of the assignment given, be original but formulate the question in the way that allows you to gather more information.

Map out a search strategy - create an exact plan of your actions on the way to accomplishing goals, list the sources you will explore, experiments and practical tasks you will do, methods and tools you will exploit.

Develop the research question - research your topic in general and move to specific questions fitting your topic, base your specific questions on the keywords and main concepts from your general topic.

Conduct focused research - concentrate on the main concepts and questions and do research using reliable sources, counting books, academic journals, scientific studies, and articles.

Assemble a working bibliography - the working bibliography is the tool that will help you to note the sources you have already used and those you are going to analyze.

Write the review of literature - it is vital to write some records and conclusions down while observing and analyzing the literature, so that you don’t lose any interesting ideas and can ground your work on the data you have processed.

Conceptualize the research study - this will allow you to transform your topic into a decent research question and project.

Develop a study design - here you should determine the type and subtype of your study, single out hypothesis, related concepts, experimental design, methods of data collection, analysis plan.

Construct an instrument for data collection - this means you need to select methods for data collection, define sources as reliable and valid, evaluate the sources by different qualities.

Select a sample - here you will need to choose a group you will collect information from and draw conclusions on it.

Write a research proposal - once you have completed all of the above steps, you should organize the collected and analyzed data into a research proposal, stating your research question and its significance, listing research methods and key concepts, and other main points. 

Data collection and analysis - this means data gathering from different reliable academic sources and data interpretation to exploit it in your study and project.

Write the research report - here you need to provide analysis, interpretation, and argument based on the research conducted.

Be Confident in Writing

Scholarly writing in fashion design is a time-consuming process, that needs decent efforts from the research. Yet, keeping oneself organized and following working strategies will simplify the procedure and allow you to achieve the aim in the end.

Once, you are ready with your research problem, realize its concepts, questions, and general background, have selected methods and tools for search and analysis, have observed the reliable and relevant literature, you are done with the main part of your work. So that your task is to structure and provide your thoughts and findings in writing.

Do your best, write with confidence, and complete your academic writing task with no hurdles.

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