The Top Trends For Sustainable Fashion

Let's get this straight: fashion is quite expensive. The clothes which you wear can cost a lot of money especially if you like wearing designer clothes. However, the trend of buying clothes on a regular occasion is changing. More and more people are willing to buy clothes that will last for a longer time. Moreover, people are now interested in how clothes are manufactured, the type of materials used and the well being of the workers who are involved in the production process.

What is sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion can be defined as clothes, shoes, and accessories that have been manufactured and marketed in the most sustainable way possible. This includes taking into account the environmental aspect which ensures that raw materials are used efficiently, reused, recycled and maximizing the repair. On the other hand sustainable fashion also takes into account the socioeconomic perspective whereby work ethics, factory conditions for workers and international code adhere.

Sustainable fashion

What are some trends in sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion is what we need if we’re looking to reduce our carbon footprint. Here is how it can happen.

#1. Using durable materials.

Materials such as cotton which are used for making clothes in the fashion industry face three challenges:

1. High costs in virgin materials.

2. They cannot be recycled.

3. Scarcity in raw materials.

For instance, a material such as cotton has been associated with fresh water depletion. When you are farming cotton for you to produce one kilogram of it you have to use 10,000 liters of water. On the other hand, you have polyester which will become more expensive in the future due to the high carbon taxes.

However, manufacturers are already looking for a solution by developing inexpensive material, have a high life cycle and can be recycled. For instance,  Lyocell is the new material which is replacing materials such as cotton. It has a low impact on the environment making it efficient during production, but it comes with a higher cost.

#2. Making it last.

There are a lot of designers who are opting to use materials which last for a very long time. Designers are coming up with fewer high-quality clothes so that they can shift the demand for buying fewer clothes that can help lower the number of resources. For instance, making clothes which can last up to 3 months, can help cut down carbon, water, and waste effects by 3%.  

This trend of making people want to love and take care of their clothes so that they can last longer is taking effect. Factors such as 3D printing are further strengthening it,  and being manufactured by new technologies. If you take a look at footwear brands such as Adidas, Nike and converse they offer you a chance to create your shoe.

It might take a long time before people adopt sustainable fashion, but that is the road millennials have opted to receive. Let us know if there are any more sustainable fashion trends that you know.

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