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When it comes to engagement rings, the myths are galore. The funny things are that the majority of people believes most of these myths. Believing in the wrong notions is ultimately harmful in the long run as it just creates confusion and leads you to believe some things that are not true in any possible way. Some of the myths are outright crazy. You have a better opportunity of impressing your bride when you are not following the myths than when you are living by them. The following are a few of the popular myths that you need to stop believing.

The myths you need to stop believing
Below are the top five myths that you need to stop believing when it comes to getting an engagement ring for your beloved.


Surprising her is the key

An engagement ring and a surprise proposal seem like it goes hand in hand. But, you might be getting it all wrong by getting her a gem or ring material that she does not like. So, it is best to discuss with her before buying.

Going for a colorless diamond platinum ring

With so many amazing colors of diamond platinum ring available, there is no need to stick to the basic colorless diamond platinum ring. The colors like yellow or blue keep the things interesting and unique.

You need to spend a big amount

There are diamond platinum rings available in all budgets and buying a diamond platinum ring does not mean that you will have to save up for years and spend a fortune. You can easily get a pretty piece within your budget.

The bigger the diamond in the platinum ring, the better

It is an age-old myth that the bigger the diamond platinum ring you get, the happier your bride will be. Your girl will be more comfortable to get something that looks sleek and elegant when it adorns her fingers, and that does not necessarily mean getting the biggest rock.

The real diamond platinum ring

The first thing that you need to do is understand the difference between cubic zirconia and real diamond platinum ring. A real diamond platinum ring will not lose its shine over time.

The Carat

Carat is the standard unit of weighing diamond platinum rings. According to the unit, five carats make up one gram. The value and rarity of the diamond platinum ring are directly proportional to the carat that it has.

The Clarity

Diamond platinum rings are graded according to the number of inclusions that have been made on them, and that refers to the clarity of a piece. The simple rule here is, the more the inclusions, the lesser the sparkle and the price.

The Color

The colors of a diamond platinum ring refer to the amount of yellow present in the stone. Diamond platinum rings are found in the variety of colors like yellow, green, blue, red, and even colorless.

The Cut

The grade of cutting makes a considerable difference in the amount of shine that it has. There are grade cuts like a good cut, excellent cut, fair cut, and so on. The higher the grade these beautiful platinum wedding bands have, the greater the shine.
One of the most significant notions that need to be said at the earliest is that your jeweler knows the best. You are the best judge of the choices and preferences of your partner, and thus, you are in a better position than a jeweler to know the diamond platinum ring that she will love.

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