How a completely pure and biodegradable fabric is created by Organic Cotton Colours

The production process of Organic Cotton Colours is totally sustainable, environmentally-friendly and transparent.

That's why Organic Cotton Colours received the 303 Tuscans Ethical Fashion Award in Paris in September 2018.

How a completely pure and biodegradable fabric is created by Organic Cotton Colours

Learn more about the Organic Cotton Colours process:
No intermediaries or exploitation. 150 farmers and their families are just as much a part of their project as they are. Every grower owns the land he or she farms (on average, 1 hectare)
Biodynamic growing practices: the farmers also grow other organic foodstuffs for sale or self-sufficiency such as millet, beans, peanuts, sesame, palm, castor oil, cucumbers, etc.
Non-transgenic seeds. 100% reliable: their growers separate the seeds themselves.

Organic Cotton Colours always obtain their cotton in unginned bales; in other words, the farmers keep all the seeds for replanting or for feeding the animals.

Every growers’ association has its own ginning facility and is responsible for their own processing.

They do not use irrigation systems (just rainwater).
Fields worked with animals, free from polluting agricultural machinery.
Eco-friendly agriculture that is respectful of human and animal biodiversity (without insecticides).
Organic Cotton Colours only use cotton in the natural colours of the Earth.
Total control of the whole cycle: growing, spinning, weaving and manufacturing.

Organic Cotton Colours do not use wet chemical processes on their products. Just a simple washing process.

The result is a completely pure and biodegradable fabric.

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