Why to add your company to our directory?

- Our mission is to help small and medium fashion businesses to BE GLOBAL
- Register your company here can for sure increase your visibility nationally and internationally
- More than 50 000 visitors per month in average who really care about men's suit businesses and who want to stay on top of the fashion news, and trends information
- The directory is updated regularly and is quite high in the search engine ranking
- Increase the trust in your web site

Trust is the main point of online search. For search engines, this means signs of trust that help determine whether a company is legitimate to be ranked or not. Users, on the other hand, are looking for signs of trust to know if the company is worth their time and money. Our goal is, in this context, to help you show search engines and visitors that you are trustworthy.

Being a reputable brand that has been on the market for several decades does not guarantee you a good ranking in search engines, let alone credibility online. As said before, only trust and search engine algorithms will give you a good ranking, and these algorithms are not able to automatically analyze your history, your ability to overcome an obstacle, or your offline reputation. But we do it because these signals are to be considered.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of things we look for and recommend you add to your site if you have not already.

A complete postal address. This may make sense to you, but in the digital age it is all too often overlooked despite its great utility.
Certifications and qualifications. Feel free to show any qualifications or certifications if they are relevant.
Shipping information and return policy. These are often sought after by users, so make them easy to find.
Physical location. If you have a physical store, do not hesitate to highlight it on your site with photos and videos of the location.
Terms and conditions. To build trust, these should be easy to find on the site, clear and simple (not everyone speaks legalese) and in English (for international understanding).
Information about your team. A company is also people at the service of the customer. Do not hesitate to show who you are with photos and descriptions.
Presence in the press. If your company has been mentioned in the press or popular media, consider including it on your website.
A list of your customers. Show that some companies, recognized or not, have already trusted you.
Testimonials. What is better than an honest review? Get honest feedback that will give a real insight into your products/services.
Date of inception. Let people know when your business was founded even if it was "only" a few years ago.
Years of experience. Consider sharing your overall years of experience if you feel it is relevant.
Ethical and sustainable brands. If part or all the process of creating and selling your products is sustainable and ethical, mention it on your website.
Slow Fashion. If your company is part of this new consuming way by producing better quality, eco-designed and sustainable products, think about highlighting it.
Zero waste. Do not hesitate to show all the efforts your company is making to limit the impact of waste on the environment.
Be honest! Admit your mistakes and show what you have learned from them. Dare to be frank. You are only talking to one person at a time, so be refreshingly honest to convince people that you are trustworthy.

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