RubinacciHere we suggest a style that can suit every occasion: the iconic outfit Rubinacci is perfect to catch the attention on the man who wears it.

Services: Bespoke garments, Made to measure
Company type: Fashion brand, Fashion designer, Manufacturer
Products: Bespoke suits, Made-to-measure suits, Ready-to-wear suits

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Gentlemen's tips:
ABC of the men's suit

Gentlemen's tips: "The meaning of the shirt sleeves" by Luca Rubinacci

As many of you know, Neapolitan tailoring is famous for the shirt sleeves. But what is this - shirt sleeves? They are called shirt sleeves because these are the very wide sleeves with very high armhole. And what does this mean?

RUBINACCI - the Sartorial art of the Eternal Elegance
The dandy style

RUBINACCI - the Sartorial art of the Eternal Elegance

Luca Rubinacci is a real fashion sensation in London. He is the quintessence of the Neapolitan sartorial style combined with the British imperial conceptions of gentleman's wardrobe.