Leon Tailoring

Leon TailoringAt Leon Tailoring Co., we create men’s and women’s clothing that are tailor-made to fit the exact measurements of their bodies. So, not only will your clothes fit more comfortably, you will look better, too. Plus, our tailor-made clothes are made with exc


Leon Tailoring - well-fitted garments from Indianapolis

Leon Tailoring - well-fitted garments from Indianapolis

Leon Tailoring Company, Inc., was founded by Leo (Leon) and Sadie Ettinger in 1905. They emigrated from Europe to the United States, settling in Indianapolis, Indiana. Leo was a tailor, and Sadie was a dressmaker. Together, they started the business as a small tailoring operation on Indiana Avenue, where they lived upstairs above the store and made the clothes downstairs. Their hours of operation were 7 a.m. until midnight to ensure they accommodated the working customers of their day.