How to Look Your Best for a Friend's Wedding

Weddings are grandiose and fun occasions where guests get an opportunity to celebrate a couple that's close to them while simultaneously dressing and looking their best. But if you're clueless about fashion, or if you just want to knock this one out of the park, you may be interested in taking your game to the next level.

How Men Can Look Their Best as Wedding Guests

How do you look your absolute best for a friend's wedding?

Clothes and Accessories
Let's start with clothes and accessories because, let's be honest, these represent the bulk of the battle.

·       Read and follow the dress code. The first and most important thing you can do is read the dress code. On wedding announcements and invitations, you'll typically see an advisory on what type of attire the bride and groom are expecting. For the most part, fashion rules associated with different types of formality levels are universal and easy to understand; there are a few terms that are interchangeable and might lead to some ambiguity or confusion, but you should have a good idea of what's to be expected. Within those parameters, you have significant flexibility, but you should avoid stepping out of the outlined zone.

·       When in doubt, suit up. If you’re not sure exactly what you should wear, a suit is never a bad option. It's rare for weddings to have a dress code with such formality that a suit would be inappropriate, and if this is the case, the wedding invitations will make it crystal clear. If you're wearing a suit and the dress code is much more lenient, you probably won't feel overdressed, either.

·       Consider colors. The colors you choose for the wedding should depend on the venue, the color coordination of the wedding itself, and your personal preferences. If you can find out the core colors of the wedding, aim to complement them without standing out too much. If the wedding is being hosted in a unique venue, like a beach, dress accordingly. Otherwise, solid neutral colors are a good bet.

·       Splurge on tailoring. Fit is vital if you want to look your best, so consider splurging on tailoring if your intended outfit doesn't fit you perfectly. A couple of adjustments could be all it takes to elevate your look from an 8 to a 10.

·       Get a nice haircut. Next, go to the barber and get a nice haircut. There are plenty of valid reasons to delay going to the barber, but an upcoming friend's wedding isn't one of them.

·       Groom and moisturize. The morning of the wedding, take some extra time to practice good grooming and moisturize your skin. Tightening up your facial hair should only take a few minutes and even a modest amount of skin care can help you look healthier and brighter.

Posture and Behavior
You can also improve your appearance and make the event warmer and friendlier with your posture and behavior. · 

   Maintain good posture. Good posture will help you look your best –and it’s good for your health as well! When seated or standing, keep your back as straight as possible and keep your shoulders back. Maintain eye contact with people you're talking with and keep an open body posture to show people you're open to conversation.

·       Smile and be open. Whether you like it or not, a wedding is an occasion where people will be taking lots of photos and videos, so if you want to look good for them and make the bride and groom happy, be ready to smile. This is also a way to seem warmer to people who may not know you very well; weddings are great opportunities to meet new people and make new friends, and if you're commonly smiling and talking to people, it will be even easier for you.

·       Get involved. If you're introverted or generally passive, you might want to find a seat in the corner and not move. But if you want to look your best, it's better to get involved; engage with other people, dance on the dance floor, and participate in any activities that are available. Consider mingling with as many people as possible.

·       Showcase confidence. Confidence makes you more attractive. Even if you're not feeling confident, there are tricks you can use to demonstrate confidence to others. For example, adopting a power pose in the mirror can help you feel bigger, stronger, and more confident, even if only temporarily.

·       Be mindful of your alcohol intake. If there's an open bar, feel free to partake, but be wary not to consume so much that your words and behavior become sloppy.

With these strategies and tips, you should be able to maximize your appearance for your friend’s upcoming wedding. You won't steal the show, nor should you, but you're going to look great in photos, make good impressions with other guests, and generally add value to the event.

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