Jewelry Gifts: How to Select the Right Piece for a Friend or Loved One

Selecting a piece of jewelry to give as a gift can seem daunting. With so many options, styles, and price ranges, how do you settle on just the right item? The key is taking the time to consider the intended recipient and what piece would suit them best. Follow the tips below to help guide you to a jewelry gift your special someone is sure to cherish.

Jewelry Gifts: How to Select the Right Piece for a Friend or Loved One

Know Their Style

When choosing any gift, you want to select something the recipient will actually like and want to wear. Take some time to observe the type of jewelry your friend or family member typically sports. Do they tend to stick to simple, classic pieces or do they prefer bolder, trendier looks? Do they have pierced ears or prefer clip-on earrings and necklaces? Making note of what they already own and tend to gravitate towards will ensure you pick something in their wheelhouse.
You can also directly ask about their jewelry preferences next time you chat. Say, “I’ve been noticing the lovely earrings and necklaces you always wear. What are some of your favorite looks or styles when it comes to accessories?” This can provide further intel to guide your gift selection.

Consider the Occasion

The occasion for which you are purchasing a jewelry gift can provide direction on what type of piece to select. For milestone events like graduations, big birthdays, retirement parties - opt for something finer, like gold, silver or gemstones. Major life events call for keepsake gifts. Aim for simple but elegant styles that can be worn for years to come.
More casual occasions like birthdays, holidays, or bridesmaid proposals warrant moderately priced jewelry in on-trend styles. You still want good craftsmanship but have leeway to choose more fashionable looks. Make a statement with layered necklaces, charm bracelets or embellished drop earrings in mixed metals and customizable configurations. 

Find Out About Allergies

Before settling on jewelry containing beads, leather cords or other materials, you’ll want to discreetly find out if the recipient has any metal or material allergies. Ask a close family member or friend if they know of any substances that cause skin irritations. While sterling silver, stainless steel, and surgical steel are typically hypoallergenic, some individuals still have sensitivities. Better to learn ahead than have to deal with the disappointment of gifting an item they can’t comfortably wear.

Stick to a Budget That Works for You

Like any gift purchase, deciding on a budget ahead of time helps narrow the selection pool down to affordable and realistic options. Jewelry pricing spans the gamut from fashion pieces under $50 to fine jewelry in the thousands. Set a spending cap based on the depth of the relationship, the occasion, and your own financial means.

Handcrafted Pieces

Why not go the extra mile and make a piece of jewelry as an extra special gift? Simple necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are easy to make, and you can choose from a vast selection of beads and gemstones from a store like The Bead Traders.
Follow this jewelry gifting guidance and you’ll be able to select a piece as unique as your special someone. Do your research, find out their style particulars, consider occasion significance and stick to realistic budgets and you’re sure to pick something straight from their jewelry dreams.

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